Saturday, 26 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Morrissey-less)

Right now I should be wedged between a skinhead and a barrier, sweaty and possibly needing a wee, watching Morrissey at the Roundhouse. So to have to watch the death throws of Big Brother instead is doubly depressing.
Since last time I wrote we've lost Latoya, Jay and Calista. I was sorry to see Jay go, he was on good form during the comedy task. Anthony seems to have changed personality this week, he's gone from sweet dumbass to arrogant incomprehensible div. Give him another week in there and I think he'd lay someone out. John has gone from likable roly-poly funnyman (I love it when the tabloids describe people like this) to preachy, whiny loner. Nathan is also struggling to cling onto his nice guy image. Jeremy might be a sexist dick, but at least he's not afraid to let his bad side show. Similarly with Emilia, she is what she is. And Amy still reigns supreme.
Jimmy Carr was quite good yesterday but I found Malcolm McClaren's task extremely creepy. watching an old man perve on some teenagers was slightly disconcerting, and his wine tasting task was bordering on soft porn. You can keep this 'cultural icon'. I'll stick with sickly Moz.

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