Saturday, 5 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Youth of Today)

Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, blame fucking cunting Orange. But you'll be pleased to know I now have everyone's number in the house. And weirdly, I actually like this series (thus far). I think the fact that the bimbo of the group, Jade (aka Batfink) is being marginalised is a progress of sorts. She is desperate for attention, and the others can commandeer it in more sophisticated ways. Crying because she wanted to go to sleep? Just go sleep in the garden! Or the diary room chair. Don't make a scene.
I liked the fact Jay couldn't name one single person he liked. I really like the Amelia (I'm drunk, I may screw the names up) and her gymnastic battle with Batfink. Batfink was good, but Amelia destroyed her by virtually making her leg go 110 degrees. The boys faces said it all. I think Amelia is beautiful and potentially trouble and will wrap the boys around her finger (especially AnFony). I think I have fallen slightly for chav princes AnFony and NaFan. AnFony has something genuinely lovely and kind about him and NaFan has a winning smile and a pleasant squeaky singing voice. I also like psycho comb-over boy Liam and fat ginger geek John. I hate Jeremy. Not keen on Victor. I love the fact the 'beauty queen' is the least good looking girl in the house. What pressure! Amy does look like Heather Mills (unfortunate) but her square cleaning is either mild genius or dementia. I like Latoya, because she's called Latoya, and looks like an alien first thing in the morning, then really cute in the afternoons. I also really like Calista, and enjoyed her song about a girl who takes it in both ends. I think she is the most talented (except for people who can give themselves a blowjob and that).
I've never liked so many people in Big Brother. Surely something has to give?
I thought Matt Lucas was good in charge. But I think Harry Hill would be better and more random. And Derren Brown!!! That would be fucking ace. Book him immediately.


* (asterisk) said...

Wow, you almost made it sound interesting. Bollocks. I don't wanna watch, I don't wanna watch.

lightupvirginmary said...

watch it! give the little buggers a chance. I will blog it later too.