Sunday, 20 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Fatal Attraction)

The quality of the hijackers has dropped so low that I could be doing it tomorrow and I'd get about as much recognition as the Hollyoaks 'babes'. Personally I'd rather see Chris Moyles naked than watch Hollyoaks, so it may has well have been three bimbos from Lakeside shopping centre. Oh...
Scott Mills yesterday was dreadful too. I can't even remember one thing he did.
Things I was sickened by in tonights episode: Jeremy referring to the Hollyoaks girls as 'fit birds', them laughing at it, Jeremy speaking to everyone like they were shit off his shoe, and the Hollyoaks dogs not letting John go on a date with them. Now I've gone off John since him decrying his housemates mucking about yesterday as 'vulgar and disgusting' but even so. It's not like he's going to get the chance to go out with a generic lad's mag girl otherwise. Why was John not eligible for the date? I would have stuck up for him if I'd been in there.
The Hollyoaks bints further fought feminism's corner by wanting to be regaled with cheesy chat up lines, then triple-dating Anthony. It was all worth it for Calista's face though. Silly cow. I pity her boyfriend. Anthony really needs to make it crystal clear he's not interested to save her a tiny bit of face. Mind you, it's all her own fault. Apparently she was telling them she was going to marry her boyfriend when she first went in! How flaky?
The fact is Emilia and Amy are 17 billion times more interesting women than the Hollyoaks girlies. And Calista is better looking than them. Even if she is a desperado. It didn't help when she put on a slightly wedding dress-esque outfit. I was properly getting a Michelle Bass vibe.
What was going on with Anthony and John? Were they mucking around? It seemed like they were, but there was definitely an air of menace about the whole thing. I thought they were best buds? Anthony seems to have become more obnoxious now Victor's gone. I think John is jealous of Anthony's beauty and Anthony is jealous of John's brains. Even so, it's a peculiar turn of events.

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