Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Nailing Birds)

I have to make this very brief as I had steroids injected in my wrist and can only type with one hand (and my boss said she'd sack me if she caught me blogging tonight!)
But I had to pass comment on Russell Brand's Hijack. I thought it was brilliant. I loved the fact he was evil and tormented Jeremy (who's comment about nailing birds made him my definite pick to go this week). I liked his abuse of power flirting with the girls (them competing for him was funny). And I especially liked him convincing Jay that his dress code had been decided by a focus group and Tim Burton. HOW thick?! Pure genius.
The cameraman stunt was OBVIOUSLY fake. I found it funny, especially when Russell came in. I liked Latoya giving the cmeraman a hug, and John trying to placate him. Why did all the other housemates turn on John? It was proper Lord of the Flies. I felt sorry for him, but it wasn't Russell's fault, it was the sheeplike housemates. It was quite interesting that Jade was one of the only housemates to spot it was a ruse.
Award for murdering feminism: Emilia saying 'who am I going to cook and clean for?' to Victor and Jeremy.
Russell- why no Moz posters in the 'ouse? Also- has Liam got a sock shoved down his pants?

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