Monday, 28 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack Final

Aw it was quite sad tonight when it was Dermot 'Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah' O' Leary's final BBLB. We've grown up watching BB and BBLB! OK, I was about 20 or so when it first started but I'm still growing up! I don't care if I'm already 27 and should be well grown up by now. Big Brother was as important as Britpop in it's day. Yeah it's died a death but that's the producers fault. The public still want it to be great. Dermot looked sexy back in the day! He's like a weathered little midget now. Bless.
Not sure at all about the whole Dermot doing the interviews from inside the house set up. It didn't really give the others the opportunity to speak their mind. And he interviewed John and Emelia before he told them who'd won! That was just weird. Don't meddle! They will never learn. Ever!
People left in an odd order. I was pleased to see Nathan out 6th (nice guys do finish last), followed by Jeremy, 5th. Anthony was a BIG shock going out at 4th- serves him right for being a dick all week. He looked shocked too. Haha. Amy was 3rd but she should have won! I loved the fact Emilia was in 2nd place and still getting booed. I love the fact she got to 2nd place. I do kind of want her and Jeremy to get it on. Jeremy is a funny little thing.
And so John, the ginger hunch-backed giant won. Why? What does this say about the kids of today? I think what it probably says is 'they aren't watching this' or 'nobody voted'. John was a bit pompous, a bit sanctimonious, a bit grumpy. I can only presume he sailed through due to the opening night prank. But christ. Get over it. Nathan and Anthony were dull but pretty. But the girls were the most interesting thing about this BB- girls who didn't take their tops off, and didn't sell their stories.
It's a shame no one watched this because there was something quite lovely and non-bimbo/wannabe filled about it. There were some fresh ideas which hopefully they will carry through to the main BB this year.
Please someone watch it in the summer, for fuck's sake. We've still got some growing up to do yet.

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* (asterisk) said...

Seems it was just you and 643,999 other people who cared, at the end of it all. Pretty low viewing figures, I'd say... Is that a death knell I hear?