Sunday, 13 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (SAS)

I thought the SAS task was horrible, depressing, and overlong. Amy did well, but overall it was an annoying episode. I felt sorry for Anthony, bless him. I'm glad he nominated Victor.
Victor crossed the line for me tonight, in calling his sister a slut in front of the others (but not in English, so they could call him up on it). He berated her for having men in her bed, but she hasn't even snogged anyone! They were just talking! She is flirty, but so what? He's a complete prick, and it was completely calculated to demoralise her in front of the others. It wasn't a joke at all, it was very deliberate attempt to undermine her confidence. And it's not like Jeremy has the balls or the inclination to stick up for her.
I sincerely hope he gets voted out a the next possible opportunity and Emilia celebrates by having a threesome in the hot tub with Jeremy and Anthony.

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