Friday, 18 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack (Liam & Victor)

I know no one is watching it and therefore no one is reading this, but I still am! I'll be watching it as the zombies are frying up my bacon after judgement day. More fool you for not watching it, it's better than all that Brian/Twins nonsense. They were loveable, but totally one dimensional. These people are falling apart in front of our eyes. Calista's courtship of Anthony is agonising. He should really be honest with her. But it's hard, innit! Still, she has a boyfriend! Still. She must be dumped already.
LIAM! I was sad to see Liam go, he was my favourite. He was entertaining! Singing in the bath, meowing, wanking, a combover. What more can you ask for?
I was also slightly sad to see Victor go. Despite all the masochism, he was an interesting character. I'd rather have seen the back of Jeremy but I'm looking forward to the bunk up with Emilia before the night is out. I was amused by the massage going on in the background an hour after Victor left.
Highjackers. Keith Lemon- shit! Denise Van Outen- crude! I enjoyed the surrealness of watching them watching Gordon Ramsey's cooking show. Watching them, watching something else. Very post modern.
Amy to win. I loved her saying yesterday she hated muscles, hated treat-em-mean-keep-em-keen men. I think Amy is the first true role model ever in the house. She's the first person I'd like to be friends with. She's very sure of herself. She doesn't rely on her sex appeal to carry her through. She has a brain, has an opinion, and she looks cool as fuck. Good on her.

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