Friday, 4 January 2008

Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack

Happy New Year, Exitainment readers. Sorry I've not been around, my wireless broadband has been down. But now I'm stealing someone else's! So here I am (but for how long?) Ooh I just realised it's my blog's 1st birthday today. How very un-exciting.
So I like the premise of the fact that some people actually have brains in Big Brother this series. It's a rare and beautiful thing. I also like Dermot as a presenter better than Davina, even if he got some of the names wrong. Do you think old gurnface was watching at home, praying for him to fall over?
But something about the show didn't do it for me. Mabe it was a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth? Does over-complicating things freshen them or deaden them? I found the split screen really annoying. And although Matt Lucas feeding poor John comedy lines was highly amusing, it also made me cringe so much I could barely watch it. I had to cover my eyes. I felt so sorry for him! Fair enough take the piss out of them once they're in there, but first impressions are so important, and it kind of shifted the balance to the wrong thing for me. I'd like to see the relationships develop naturally at first.
But let's face it, meddling is what BB has been about now for more years than not. And I'm thinking, are these clever/successful housemates going to be good value anyway? What use is being a singer/songwriter in the house? Or a businessman? Am I going to miss the deranged glint in the eye of a needy page 3 girl? None of this lot are going to be banging away like rabbits- are they?
So, let's have a look at them then. John, the ginger politician. Was a fantastic sport being Matt Lucas' stooge. Must be an early favourite. Calista, the (shudder) singer/songwriter. I thought she seemed alright on first impressions. I liked her pink ballgown. Anthony, the boxer. He's a pin-up for chavs, isn't he? He looks like a footballer. Seems OK, except for the stupid suit. Emilia and Victor- a brother and sister circus act. They looked interesting. I liked the fact they looked a bit rough around the edges, like they might get up to something naughty. Fair play to them for what they do for a living as well, it was mental.
Next: Jeremy, a racing driver. Could have been another politician from the look of him. 18-21 going on 40. Amy- an 'artist' who likes cleaning small squares. God, I chose the wrong path in life if that's considered successful. Could potentially be very annoying. Nathan: nice-enough generic R n B boy. Liam: entrepreneur- seemed quite an interesting character. I could see him teaming up with John in the geek corner. I like geeks. Latoya- a dancer. Didn't seem too annoying. Jay- a fashion designer. I can't even remember what he looked like. And finally Jade 'a beauty queen with brains'. Unlike the other Jade, who has neither of those things. I think this new Jade is the closest thing we have to a bimbo in the house- and for that we should be thankful. The problem so far seems to be most of these contestants are 'nice'- don't we need a bitch, a slapper, a bully? Maybe that's what the hijack will inject.
It was quite funny when the secret mission was revealed and half of the supposed 'prodigies' hadn't even noticed that John had been abusing them.
Finally, who's stupid idea was it to show half the show on C4 and half on E4? I missed the bloody E4 bit and had to watch it today instead. Muppets.


blogvandal H5N1 said...

I agree with you in that the programme lacked something, maybe it was too much, too soon, and like you said, they needed to settle in before the Celebs start meddling...
It did however expose Matt Lucas's real reasons for going in - he enjoyed telling John to rub the other housemates a bit too much for my liking!

Anonymous said...

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* (asterisk) said...

Didn't watch it. Not sure I'm very interested. But, bizarrely, it seems to be only on E4 from tonight onwards. Or have I just misread the Radio Times?

Anonymous said...

They're all pretty superficial characters I thought, apart from John, top bloke!

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lightupvirginmary said...

blog vandal- I totally agree- Matt Lucas was cracking onto the boxer dude too! Asterisk- it is only on E4 now, seems very odd to me... BB is being demoted! I blame Jade (Goody).