Monday, 21 January 2008

Film Review: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

This was relentlessly depressing. From the ugly spectacle of Phillip Seymour Hoffman rutting in the first scene, it went steadily downhill from there. Why would his wife be with him?! He's grotesque! I know he had money but not enough!
I have to confess, I only watched this because it had Ethan in. Good thing- Ethan has got rid of those Tom Cruise tombstone teeth. Bad thing: his hair in this film made him look like Ian Beale.
The actors did their best but I thought the script was nothing special. Telling it in a different order made it confusing, but not any more enjoyable. I think this film was trying to be Pulp Fiction, and ended up like a cut-price Memento. I hate flashbacks! Lazy writing!
By the end I felt I'd learnt nothing except, don't steal from your mum and dad. But I knew that anyway. Oh and that drug dealer guy looked like Kitten from Big Brother past.


Red said...

Ethan "Shark-mouth" Hawkes is the kiss of death for pretty much any film I've ever seen. How can you focus on the plot, the sets, the acting when you've got all those rotten pearlies staring at you in glorious Technicolor? He's got veneers now, has he? Well, it's too little, too late for me.

I hate flashback too. And dream sequences.

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, you watched a film. Was it on telly?

lightupvirginmary said...

No, we downloaded it...
Red- don't be dissing the Ethan! I used to love his manky teeth. I have a thing about bad teeth. He was yummy in his younger days.

* (asterisk) said...

Ha ha. Is that legal? (Don't answer that.)

Shep said...

Well I liked it.

(And not just for naked Marisa Tomei)

(OK yes mebbe just for her)

(don't judge me)