Sunday, 6 January 2008

Jodie Marsh- Update

Whilst my internet was down I did watch the two catch-up shows with Jodie Marsh and found them highly entertaining. I have taken to reading Jodie's blog whilst I'm at work and find it genuinely warm and highly amusing. As for these shows, I found it very funny when she said she was going to get 'what goes around, comes around' tattooed on her arm. She may as well just get a drawing of a fortune cookie.
I'm glad that knob left her and I hope she gets to keep her house and to prattle on endlessly about herself for many years to come. That journalist from MTV who interviewed her WAS a prick! 'I'm just asking the questions'- yeah right, in a very rude manner.
Go for it, Jodie, stay orange, keep championing women's rights whilst stripping, why not? There's worse people in the world. At least you're fun. It's annoying to be permanently an adolescent but I can relate to it. Just don't give birth. That's my advice. Cheers.


* (asterisk) said...

I think Jodie's all right. Not in the head, obviously. But she's an all right girl.

lightupvirginmary said...

I think she goes about things in the wrong manner, but I admire her lust for life. I do prefer her to Jordan, who is just a dead-eyed frog. I hate the fact any young girls would look up to her.