Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Shrink Rap: Chris Langham

The Chris Langham 'poor me' mawkish bandwagon rolls on. Hmm, a psychological assessment on TV by a self-confessed old friend. Hardly an ideal contained space, but we'll roll with it.
Dr Pamela Connolly first asked Chris Langham how he got into prison. He replied, 'how far back shall we go?' The real answer, of course, was 'downloading child porn.'
The whole 'he did it for the comedy show' defense is utter bullshit, as testified by Paul Whitehouse. Then there's this whole 'I was abused as a child' defense. So which was it? Was it for the sitcom or was it because of the 'abuse'? Two excuses seems greedy.
So, Langham reckons at age 8 he 'thinks' he was anally penetrated by a mysterious man with ginger pubes. Would you just 'think' it? Wouldn't you know for sure? I can't say for certain how time and trauma may play tricks but I find it highly suspicious. As for his tale of he couldn't remember what the penis was like 'because it was in his mouth'- it's an extremely shocking story indeed, which makes what he did even more abhorrent, in my opinion. I hate the way they dwelt on this so much, as if it is some sort of explanation. Many, many people are abused, physically, mentally and sexually, and go on to be good, kind people, the people they always were. This is IF he's even telling the truth.
Oh and his dad never gave him a cuddle. Guess what, probably half the population have issues with their dad. Get over it.
The rest of his sob story was irrelevant to me. The details of one's life, one's career becomes utterly obsolete once you become the worst kind of sexual predator. That's just the way it is. That's the way it has to be. I don't care if I sound like an angry mob, or a Sun reader. Otherwise you risk becoming one of those pathetic women who take back a murderer, a rapist, a child molester. Like Langham's wife, who lets him live with their kids still, despite looking at kids being raped, whilst she was tucked up in bed. I wonder what their sex life is like?
'I opened my mouth (in those days) and lies would just fall out' admits Langham. Right.
Finally we get to the crux of the matter. He admits he downloaded the images. The police took his computers away. They called him in and he 'was forced to look at the stuff they'd found'. They found it because you were looking at it in the first place, you nonce! You were the one who forced THEM to look at it, not vice versa, you self-pitying freak.
Now he 'doesn't remember' what was on them. He was traumatised by being forced to watch them whilst he'd only watched 'a few seconds'. Poor thing. He felt like he was 'having his nose rubbed in his own/ or someone else's vomit'. Poor, poor thing. Because those kids aren't just ACTORS AREN'T THEY??? You're a facilitator.
Also him saying it was wrong people thinking 'you can only have looked at it because you liked it'- it doesn't MATTER if you LIKED IT by DOWNLOADING IT you ARE COMPLICIT IN IT. Does he not understand that? Is he not an 'intelligent man'? His intent is irrelevant! Stupid, dangerous man.
I don't care if he used his credit card or not. He TYPED IT IN. No normal, decent, human person would type 'child porn' into a search engine. There is just a wall in your brain- the same one that stops you from fancying your brother or pushing someone onto the tracks on the tube. It's called morality, for fuck's sake. Him professing 'courage' at watching the images was just beyond belief. Him even commenting on victims, or relating to victims is just enraging.
As for his comparison to looking at the crucifixion/the Holocaust- how ridiculous. People learn about the Holocaust so we don't go down that road again, to educate ourselves, out of respect. There is no respect here.
Even the zoom in on his trembling chin at the end failed to move me: because I know who I am, too.
There is only one word for Chris Langham: scum. I sincerely hope he never works again.

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