Monday, 16 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother: Cackle bladdered

Denise vs Michael is actually becoming a bit uncomfortable now. He can't stand her cackle. I can't believe anyone in the house could be siding with Denise. 'Imagine if it was me and Michael locked in the room...' Yes, that's what she's imagining. She's becoming quite the bunny boiler. Just LEAVE HIM ALONE, FFS. Even Nicola admits Denise is being unreasonable.
The twins to Georgia: 'we got your back.' I love all that US speak. I hope they start talking about 'backdooring' someone soon.
Every single thing that comes out of Sonia's mouth is laced with 'what will the public think? I must quantify this statement so the public likes me.' I can't STAND it. It's so transparent.
I think Denise is actually unhinged. 'I expect people to get me.' I get you, I just don't like what I see: a desperate middle-aged lady who drinks too much.
Ah, it was Nicola who was immune, not Georgia! Rubbish.
Noms! Frankie nominated the twins for calling him a 'rude annoying pervert after two days of knowing me.' I'd say that's generous, if anything (t.m. Amy Childs)
Everyone is being a coward and voting for Michael instead of Denise. Denise is DEFFO gonna crack first and speak to Michael. I'd bet my blog on it.
Georgia: 'Kirk is a bellend.' We've not seen much of that. I'd like to see more of him being an arse so I could hate him more. I hate him a LOT already.
God, the only reason for nominating anyone in this house is 'they don't ask me questions.' It's not an interview with Heat magazine! They'd love Jamie East in there, he's got all the questions and that stripy t-shirt. They all just expect the world to be grovelling to know every detail of their sad little lives. Do you expect people to ask you questions constantly? I'd think it was weird if they did.
What the fuck is this music they're playing over nominations? It's freaking my boyfriend out. Wow, I think everyone in the house nominated Georgia! Nerd herd. I wish they couldn't talk about it as I used to like them getting in trouble for nominating, plus it was less of a fix. I'd be gutted if everyone had nominated me for being boring.
I hate too many people in that house. It's not healthy.
Michael's off as Denise sits down. It's like Aaron's strops all over again. Now there was a man who knew how to hold a grudge.
Michael and Georgia are up! SURELY no one is going to make the mistake of saving Georgia again?
They should lock Michael in a room and force him to watch Loose Women for hours like when they forced Lady Sovereign to sit in a drawer listening to Basshunter on repeat. Do it, do it, do it, do it! I like Michael, I hope he stays.
Frankie: 'let's go fuck some birds.' Which ones?
Nicola to Georgia: 'I think your nose could look better.' Is she KIDDING? Georgia is as close to perfection as you can get. That is completely disturbing and damaging. She judges Natasha Giggs, but what she's doing is as much of a crime against humanity, because if perfect Disney princess Georgia needs a nose job, what hope a plain-looking girl from down the road? Disgraceful.
Michael suits Denise's coat.
Nicola and Denise justifying their alcohol abuse. 'Sometimes I just go to bed with a novel.' Only someone with a drink problem justifies their drinking like that. A normal person wouldn't even mention it or give it a second's thought.
Nicola's 30? It said she was 28 when she went house. Stop going on about how much your husband loves you. He's probably enjoying the break.
What a weird an uneasy truce at the end with Denise and Michael: 'you're an abomination.' 'You look shit in that coat'. I give it ten minutes before they're going at it again - and not in that way.

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Anonymous said...

Denise is losing it big-time, I reckon she will become t-total when watching this back! I hate kirk as much as you too, how ugly is that guy? it would not be so offensive if he didn't believe his own hype! in the words of Nikki Graham 'who is he?' I cannot believe Georgia would ever be interested in him ever! Put a big coloured afro on his head he would look like one of those 80s trolls - nuff said!