Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: I can't help being a caring person, can I?

That argument between the twins is so blatantly flim flam. We're not fooled, BB.
Memory task? They're ripping off BBUSA again, methinks. I like it when one renegade refuses to do a task, there's always one.
MM is taking part! Let's see how long it lasts. Frankie and Kirk belong in the wheelie bin with the trash. Was that bin really dirty? Groo.
Oh Natalie, save your pious piddle for someone who cares. At least Michael is honest. You couldn't spell the word. Negative! Positive! If you cared about Michael, why didn't you vote out someone else? There's plenty to choose from. You can't have it both ways.
You never see those twins interact with Romeo, do you? Mind you, we don't see much, do we.
Oh, Kirk, you're such a creep. What a complete gimp. He's basically sexually assaulting Georgia in the garden to 'lighten' the situation. So Kirk split up with his girlfriend to get off with girls in the Big Brother house. And he's going to propose to his her when he gets out. What a pathetic little joke. And then he tries to kiss Georgia again. Talk about mixed messages. Revolting, revolting, revolting pervert. He's trying to bully her into kissing him. Is he 12? That's not flirting, it's aggression. Big Brother, please save Georgia from that situation. Awkward isn't the word.
The most interesting thing Romeo has done in that house is sit in that chest. That and wear Michael's pimp pyjamas.
The twins need to take acting classes. Michael was enjoying the show! 'Get your fucking punk ass out of here, you dumb bitch!' is a good insult.
That was real like RE-AL Madrid. Not real in the slightest. Fargument. Frankie can smell the bullshit.
My boyfriend is accusing Romeo of smoking a cigarette 'like a spliff'. What is he suggesting?
Michael is being a sport and sitting in the wheelie bin. Well, he is Oscar the grouch. He likes wearing other people's jackets.
All the idiots in the garden stirring the pot, whilst all the normal people are in the kitchen minding their own business.
Please make Frankie dance to I Gotta Feeling! Justin Bieber, almost as good. I quite liked his dancing, he's got the mooooooooooooooooooooooves like Jagger.
Those twins are 22! That's pretty young. I thought they were nearer my age.
Nicola is plotting her 'next few nominations'. Confident? And she's touting Romeo as a possible?! WTF. What's he done?! And why did we never see it?
Sonia: 'I like chaos. I like noise.' That explains the trumpet.
Denise's snoring is grim. They need to push her onto her side. Oh no, that didn't work. Unless they dubbed that snoring on like they do with nature programmes.
Those twins are SO cocky. Somehow it's not offensive when Americans are like that.
60 seconds to get in Michael's bed is the lols. Singing Happy Birthday in it was a touch, too. I thought that task was alright, actually. Save Michael!

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