Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Romeo done

Was just perusing the National Television Awards and Big Brother did not even get a MENTION in the reality category. Big Brother INVENTED reality TV! Yet another injustice. It annoys me so much when people say BB is past it's sell-by-date. No, BB is just in the right hands. BB needs it's own network, with separate channels for live feed, psychology, and other spin-off shows. THAT'S what should have happened.
It makes me laugh that the crowd is cheering for soon-to-be-registered sex pests Denise and Frankie and booing the feisty but with non-two dimensional personalities twins and Michael. I'd hate to accuse my own country of xenophobia (which my boyfriend just taught me how to spell), but it's either that or racists, so take yer pick.
They're either giving Michael and Frankie a good edit, or nothing happened yesterday. How's Frankie going to afford a place in Hollywood? I doubt if he could afford dinner in Planet Hollywood.
Interesting to see Michael's melted wife. I don't know why Nicola is getting booed so much. I feel largely indifferent to her. I find Denise a million times more objectionable because she plays the poor-little-me card and behaves appallingly. At least Nicola has some semblance of principles.
BTW I saw Denise's husband in the audience of the NTA awards so he's not in America making a movie. Funny, that. He's also not supporting his wife, is he?!
Gareth's oblique reference to rimming is probably the most interesting thing he's ever said in the house. Brian's comment was quite funny.
It's weird that all American men are circumcised. Why would you cut off a bit of your child's body willy-nilly? Doesn't it reduce sensitivity? Nicola is a tricky one asking is Hef is circumcised! Naughty.
I have no idea who's going to go! Oh, it's Nicola! I guess that figures. Her boobs look like watermelons in a net. I totally agree with what Nicola said that Denise changes when she has a drink in a bad way. That's an undeniable truth. I thought Nicola's interview was a little bit cruel. She wasn't that bad. She didn't deserve people shouting 'off' especially in relation to Denise's neurosis. I think the interviews have gone downhill badly this year. They're too short and not enough decent questions asked. Another thing I'd sort out if I was in charge.
Now Nicola wants the twins evicted?! Turncoat. Denise 'a wonderful old woman'. Lol - that's damning praise.
I'm not going to do two blogs because I feel like nothing's happened! Maybe something interesting will kick off on the live feed. But I doubt it as it's just waiting time.
I've just realised why I like the twins. It's because they're obnoxious and I'm obnoxious. That live feed is sooo pointless for half an hour. Just caught a bit of Jodie Marsh's bullying show. Having Jodie Marsh tell you everything's going to be alright is a bit like having Jordan telling you to embrace your natural beauty. I like Jodie Marsh, but she's one of the most fucked up people on the planet.
I really hope the twins don't go now and get bayed at by that mob. Ooh it's between Romeo and the twins! I had an inkling Romeo would go. Thank God, I don't think I could stand a full night of misogyny. The others looked visibly disappointed when the twins stayed.
Romeo is a lovely bloke, but he did nothing in the house. I think he suffered from the Denise vs twins row, but he's no worse a fencesitter than Gareth, and he's sexier. I can see why people couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone. But it angers me that people have picked up the phone for Denise. She's an absolute train wreck.
So were twins bottom two or not? That's what I want to know! I'm perplexed that interesting, polarising ex-housemates like Rodrigo and Luke Marsden are slagging off the twins and supporting Denise on Twitter! I don't get it.
Romeo: 'people forgot to pick up the phone'. You didn't give anyone a reason to. Peacemaker? No, fencesitter. There's a difference. Tonight has made me mad. I used to think C4 was biased, but C5 is a fucking joke.
You think pervert Richard Desmond would be lapping up the twins and supporting them to win so he can plaster them all over his smutty papers. I guess it's a bit inconvenient that they have personalities, too.
Brian is getting to the bottom of all the issues: 'how did you like wearing Michael's pajamas?' Romeo's interview has been twice as long as Nicola's. Mind you, she probably had to go and get dunked like a witch judging by the sound of that crowd. Have they shut the door on the mob? They should set fire to that lot, do the gene pool a favour.
Brian was being quite saucy with Romeo: 'Romeo you beat off Gareth.' Goodness me.
Romeo is smooth and cool and chilled out, which would be great if he were a milkshake. But he isn't, he's a housemate. Was.
Nearly there. The twins (or Michael) can win it if you really want them to. Or you can vote for an old drunk, a randy teenager, or a boring Welshman. UP TO YOU.

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Mattpuma said...

The panto booing of any young attractive (not necessarily my opinion) women by brainless robotron pre-pubescent screaming girls who blindly fawn over any young male however odious they seem is fast becoming a bore.
Have these people no sentient thoughts or is it all part of the Apple tm World Sheep takeover of the worlds minds.