Friday, 20 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Push the button. Don't push the button.

Twins getting booed! Hilarious. And a cheer for Kirk. Well done, pygmies. Now watch and learn, just like you had to with Aaron. I can't work out why they're booing them? Is it because they're attractive? It must be. I completely misjudged them when they walked in. They're sound!
I bet you a MILLION quid Denise will rent Reservoir Dogs when she gets out. A MILLION!
All this gagging! What must Nicola be like when she gives a blowjob?
I hate Natalie and nicola playing the children card. I hate it sooooo much.
Brian: 'stop shouting.' LOL. Keep 'em under control, Brian.
Romeo doesn't approve of misogyny but doesn't mind a good stabbing (alleg).
Frankie 'come put this condom on with your teeth/ bum cheeks.' How old is he?! What a revolting pig.
Michael seems to like Natalie, God knows why. Surely he's not fooled by her crap?
Letters from home! Nicola's doing controller's leg. If the letters are going to get shredded anyway then someone should press the button.
I'm sure they'd tell you if your kids weren't alright, Nicola. 'Dear Nicola. Sorry, your kids are dead. Please send flowers.' Fred the shred! Fake crying time! Fake shaking! Only the controller's leg is real. That leg jiggle gives away your true intentions.
Nicola didn't need 21 seconds to shred those letters did she? Tut tut!
Here's Kirk's letter: 'Dear pitbull-face, you've disgraced yourself on TV. You're a sexist pig and ignorant. We've booked you in for some geography lessons. Toodles, Daddy.'
Who's Sonia's letter from, Carol Jackson? How can Carol still sit on that plastic sofa where Billie died? Every time I see her on it, I think of him choking on his own vom. I mean, if you wanted to pick a dispensible Jackson child, Sonia or Robbie would be the obvious choice.
What's gwan on with Nicola's hair? It looks like she just put a labrador through that letter shredder. Ooh, who's first out!
That crowd is JOKES. So, so, so out of touch as usual. Michael and the twins must be thinking 'what'? KIRK! YES! Fuck yes. I just stood up and cheered so loud my cat bolted from the room. This must be what it feels like when your team scores a goal at the foorball. Kirk looked shocked! Haha, after he got cheered just before. Delicious!
Brian better dig into him now.
Kirk: 'is my number working?' I guess the game starts now! LOL! Why the shock? He's a sexist cunt. Public don't like it. Quite simple, really. When will Brian and BOTS get it into their skulls that WE DECIDE not THEM. How can people not see what we see?
It's so gross the way he persists with this 'Georgia was only put in for me' thing, like she's just an object that his daddy bought him.
I'm thrilled he went out on the basis of one vote, and it was the twins wot did it! Brian is soft-soaping him as usual. I'm actually quite disgusted with Brian in general at the moment. It wasn't a conversation in a boat that did for Kirk. It's because he was a grotesque, grubby little gargoyle. Comprende?
The twins don't need to 'do one', Kirk. Because you've already DONE ONE. Ta-ra you fucking thick prick. Now go read a map.
I aint blogging this live feed. Well I might blog a teeny bit. I'm going to post another mini blog for the eviction show! Stay tooned.

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