Sunday, 22 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Thick in Japan

Sorry I was MIA yesterday but it just appeared to be a big Gareth fest anyway. Densie: 'how can people keep MM in and vote Kirk out? Very easily!
Is anyone really buying this Japanese BS task? Loving the twins wanting to check with their agents before they deliver an interview. Kerching!
Michael is building up the lie well. Denise likes it when someone's asking her questions so she sould be in her element. This Japanese task is a trip.
Gareth actually seems to be letting his hair down a bit at last, I'm warming to him a bit now. He seems like quite a compassionate person too. But he's still zzzz. I'd hate to see him win it.
I liked the twins on that Japanese show. I enjoyed the twins coversation about boring down into the sea. Is there nothing they can't put their minds to? They are fucking baddass. They all took the task things quite well.
Karaoke brings people together! Even the most miserable and grumpy. I'd have liked to see more of that.
Tonight's show was so fluffy and confrontation free that there was NOTHING to write about! I don't think you even got one joke out of me. Soz.

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