Thursday, 19 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: And we're all wondering if the cheque cleared

Denise is wearing a uniquely unflattering jumper and a really stupid hat. Yes it's all about you, Denise, that's why we kept Michael in, to piss you off. You kind of think someone who's 53 might 'know herself' (t.m Aisleyne) a bit better, but it just goes to show that some people never grow up. And some people are stupid forever.
Twins: 'I know for a fact you're not going' to Georgia. Michael seems to be going a bit postal, too. Why is he having a go at Georgia? Sterling editing there, as ever, BB. Clear as shit. I truly believe the more maverick you go, the better the chance you have of winning. He reminds me of when Leonardo went nuts in The Beach.
'Will the four best actors come to the Diary Room.' Love the fact Michael didn't even bother getting up.
Michael: 'I have dignity and it's not for sale.' But I thought he was wondering if the cheque's cleared? This resoooomaay don't add up! I don't blame Michael for not wanting to wear a leotard, though. Not with those 170 pictures under his belt. It would get a bit lumpy.
Michael and Denise are like an old married couple. I hope she goes on Friday because I'm sick of it.
A cliche game... they should be good at this.
Loved Michael talking about dead people and whether you really can feel their presence or not. It's an interesting philosophical question and you don't get many of those in the Big Brother house.
Why are they all hugging Michael like they like him now?!
I'm not going to reblog this nominations bit but I'll comment if they show us something we haven't seen before, like a crafty roll-eyes.
Denise and Nicola both look on the edge. I liked the comment I read on Digital Spy today that said everyone might as well have just said 'we nominate the Americans'.
Is Nicola retching again? You wouldn't want to go on an aeroplane with her, would you?
I understand why everyone (except Gareth) is up now, it's because it's a double eviction, so two up wasn't enough. Gareth is so useless. He's a waste of a housemate in my opinion and his accept drives me nuts.
What Michael said about Denise was true. Natalie can like it or lump it. It doesn't matter if Denise has got mental health problems, she IS emotionally disturbed. I think she forgot her meds.
Micheal did NOT snap at Natalie. He just told her the truth. Natalie: 'I don't like false people.' FUCKING RICH! You are purely for show! Your whole life is a fucking production. Every word that comes out of your mouth is contrived, transparent cowshit.
Those twins are fucking amazing. They did a take down of everyone in the house. They're really pissed off that Denise nominated them. I love the fact they think Loose Women is a popular show. I swear Michael and the twins think Loose Women is like our flagship current affairs programme. So who WILL go? Save the twins! I still don't know their names or which one's which. But save them!


Anonymous said...

The twins are really turning into the best contestants in there, immense gameplayers. Michael has once again been epic. Natalie not doing false people made me laugh, obviously hasn't looked in the mirror lately. Oh yea and Denise, poor Denise. Thanks for the blog, firmly bookmarked.

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you very much! :) Should be a good un tonight.