Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: We're not housemates, we're fucking hostages

Sorry I'm late I've been asleep for hours as I'm feeling peaky. But had to get up and do my duty.
Glad Denise got a warning! She was lucky not to be booted out. Note to self: don't go on a night out with Denise. Her idea of a 'jokey party' is probably getting felt up at the end of it.
Why is Frankie siding with the nerd herd? Thought he was rock n' roll? It's just revenge cos they think he's a little creep, isn't it?
Michael is lapping it up! Now he's all chummy with Nicola. Hilarity. Do they give them booze EVERY night? Surely Denise isn't going to drink again? Riiiiiiiiight?
The truth is, BOTH sides are wrong, a bit. But I PERSONALLY would be aggrieved by someone pulling my pajama bottoms down. It is unacceptable.
Was Natalie the the peacekeeper in that house? Is that where it all fell apart. Nicola is an emotional wreckage. I know that house is amplifying things, but she really needs to get a hold of herself.
Michael is so happy the focus is off him, he's concentrating on coming out with some pithy one liners. It WOULD be good if they put a new celeb in now, but I don't think they will. It's too late.
Denise IS toxic. But she already DID apologise! Those twins need to lighten up a bit. Just a bit.
LOL my boyfriend just said he read that Denise's husband is going to 'come knock Michael Madsen out'! I'd like to see him try, he's about three foot, isn't he?
Nicola's been 'intimidated by the twins'. Oh, boo hoo. She's used to being chief shit-stirrer in the nest, isn't she?
UGH did they just say Robbie Williams is a legend?! Fucking namedroppers. He's a toad-faced egotistical ginormous prick. He's the biggest cunt on the planet, and he's got some SERIOUS competition. I can imagine Denise being friends with Beverley Callard. They're both clinging onto their youth harder so hard they've smothered it.
It's quite telling that Nicola has had botox and looks older than me, even those she's younger than me. What a brilliant product that must be. Not being able to move your face is very sad. Your lines tell the story of your life.
Frankie, you DID fuck it. That's all you do is fuck it.
Karissa: 'I was still calculating how I was going to react.' You don't calculate how to react to something, you just react!
Michael: 'everyone is being phoney as the can be right now. Haven't you reached your high point of humiliation?' LOL. I love his summary of the tasks.
I want to read one of Michael's poems. I just can't be arsed to look one up. 'Pussy and money'? I can see how he won that award. He's really enjoying this task. Shit, I really need to update my poetry blog.
Why does Gareth keep digging out Andrew? Andrew was ten million times the housemate he is.
LOVE Michael and Denise discussing if the girls really slept with Hef. I do wonder if it's all for show, if the whole thing is smoke and mirrors.
It's the end of the twins now, which is a shame. They took it a bit too far, which is a pity as their game was really good up til now, but I can see how their arrogance could be a bit unpalatable now. However, I'm still voting for them. I also thought Aaron had 'pushed it too far' too many times, and he still walked it, probably because of the BOTS bias.
If not the twins, then Michael. If not Michael, go fuck yourselves. Night!

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