Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: (Andrew) Stones taught me to fly

Sorry I'm late, I had to wait for my boyfriend to get home to watch it. I wouldn't normally bother, but he actually voted for the first time ever (to keep Andrew Stone!) so I thought I'd better do the right thing.
Apparently word on the street is he's not the only one to vote for the first time in ages, and honestly, could anyone really expend the energy to dial for Georgia? Yes, you're gorgeous. I'm delighted for you. Now go home.
Brian is struggling to read the autocue. He accidentally said something about Kirk being a cunt. Fair enough, say what you see.
Frankie's bedhead is extraordinary. Oh, shopping list times! 500 bananas, please. Hold the food colouring.
I like Karissa picking her sister as the most beautiful in the task. Narcissistic, much? LOL to Nicola being called the Big Bad Wolf. OMG Andrew Stone as the beast: talk about kicking him when he's down.
Fucking hell, Sonia looks rough today. I'm sure I'd slap a bit of mascara on if I was somewhere with wall to wall breast implants: it's worse that an NHS waiting room in there.
Andrew actually looks quite decent in the wolf costume. Hold on, I thought Nicola was the wolf?
Gareth is the LEAST good looking person in that house in my book, well, a tie with Towie. I'd rather shag Andrew Stone. *insert your own homo/heterophobic joke here*
Andrew's mum: 'He's got 30 years in showbusiness.' Has he? Has he really? 30 years bullshitting, more like.
Georgia's friend confirms she is 'human' before admitting he's seen her boobs. Fab. Brian: 'I like it.' Obv.
Kirk suits that pig's outfit. I read on DS he's rich. He neither looks like or talks like he's rich. And what school did he go to? Romeo's not go much swag in that pig outfit, innit. Andrew ordering Romeo not to nominate him again if he stays.
WTF is this Big Bad Wolf song? Sounds like something my boyfriend puts on at 3am on Friday night right before he goes to 'lie down for ten minutes' then passes out.
It's hard to tell if Frankie's got the pig nose on or not, oink oink.
That haystack/ wind machine thing was ridiculous, but it did make me laugh.
It's cruel making Andrew do this task. He IS more attractive than Gareth. I hate Natalie's passive aggressive shit towards Andrew, she's an utter cunt.
Andrew's hair is looking super frazzled. His hair is spelling out his mood.
MM to Andrew: 'you really are useful!' Cruel. The music they played over the foot massage was silly. I like to finish a foot massage by doing the splits, don't you?
Shit, I really hope Andrew isn't going to go. Natalie: 'I don't want Andrew to go.' Bullshit! You've instigated the whole thing. I hate her faux sincerity.
Andrew is out! What a croc. Great, I can't wait to see days of Kirk and Frankie talking about masturbating. This series is turning out to be a bit of a damp squib.
Andrew is leaving via horse and carriage. It's like a flashback to Jordan's wedding. At least the pumpkin is shielding him from the worst of the boos. I'm really disappointed. I feel like sending him out in that outfit is a pisstake, too.
Honestly, I don't feel like I like anyone in that house now. I don't even feel like watching the little crumb of live feed they're serving us up in a thimble.
Frankie, call yourself a rock and roller: nominating someone for being 'out there'?! Idiot.
Aren't you thrilled that we get to watch Gareth and a Loose Woman now, instead of Andrew? I mean, it would be more bearable if it was Carol McGiffin.
Andrew: 'the best relationship you can have is with yourself.' That's a sad statement!
Put your index fingers in the air and say goodbye to Andrew. I thought it was crap when they put him in, I was wrong. He was ace.
I'm holding Sonia personally responsible for this, saying she was scared of a little camp dude. Get a grip, you plate-faced prick.
Come on Georgia, nominate someone decent and redeem yourself. Nominate Nicola! The knives will be out. LOL Nicola and Natasha. Perfect. Oh, Georgia, your life is going to be HELL. Nicola is grim-faced. There's so much bile for both of those that it's hard to choose between them. Nicola is the obvious one to boot; look at her twitching.
I watched five mins of live feed and apparently 'it's all good'. We give it 30 mins until it kicks off. Night!

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