Friday, 13 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: WAGs on, WAGs off

I shant be voting tonight because I'm not bothered who goes. I'd prefer Natasha to stay but I'm not going to actually bother to vote for her. Let the misogynists go at it instead. Bet they didn't make much money on the phones tonight, either way as there's nothing in it.
They're playing Bloc Party over the wake up bit! Bloc Party must have sold every song off their first album a hundred times over.
Michael, Denise is going to be your friend whether you like it or not. Unlucky.
Not more fucking Jedward, FFS. I LIKE Jedward, and even I want to knock their tiny skulls together.
I'm sooo sick of hearing about the 'perception' of Natasha. So if she goes at least we won't have to suffer through that anymore.
Natasha's brother was a charismatic kind of guy. Nicola's husband has fashioned a scarf out of a bathmat. 'Nicola's like Ronseal...' What, astringent and orange? And what does it say on her tin, 'bitchy nonentity'?
Nicola is such a nosy cow. Why doesn't she mind her own fucking business, I swear she's getting off on the whole Ryan Giggs thing. She wants to know every single thing detail, which surely must be prolonging Natasha's husbands agony, which is what I thought Nicola cared about in the first place. Apparently not if there's a good bit of gossip in it.
I agree with Natasha: there's no point being with someone just to argue about that. Some things are not 'get over-able'. Just make the break.
Twins giving Frankie's clothes a bath: whatevs.
More gratuitous semi-nudity as they make them all dress as Playboy bunnies for the night. You could see Natasha's nipple in that bed! Racy. Kirk has moved on, clearly, to whoever's available.
NATALIE. I hate you so much. 'You think she'd learn, the girl.' You judgemental twonk. Seriously, who would take relationship advice from you? What business is it of yours how Natasha acts, who she gets into bed with? NONE! Nicola: 'I want to help you as a friend.' With friends like you, I'd rather go live in the woods, starving and feral. I REALLY hope Nicola goes now! Damn, should have voted. I'd love to know the percentage in it.
I can't BELIEVE Natasha went. She had the potential to be much more interesting, especially the dynamic between her and Michael and the other girls all being like pious little vipers armed against her. Nicola is going to rule that roost now. Is that what you want? Is it? My boyfriend just said, 'she's going to be like Stalin.'
Natasha actually got a few cheers! I like what she's wearing, I think she looks nice. I like the fact she doesn't grovel to the martyrdom that people try and impose on her. Brian seemed to really like her as well.
Not a good eviction, and not a good show highlights show tonight so sorry my blog was a bit lacklustre. If it's going to be a series where the votes go the opposite way to what I want each time, it could get nasty!

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