Monday, 23 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Girls just want to kick off

Ooooh looks like a good 'un tonight. Don't let me down, BB!
Spelling task... this should be fun.Electric shock task... original. At least they've changed the outfits. Well done, Frankie, you can spell the word 'sting'.
Denise is showing her TRUE colours now, and it's not just Michael in her sights, is it? What a sad, curmudgeonly old woman.
The way Denise said, 'are you going to go to bed?' to Michael was soooooo shitty, and then she says he started on her. NO! You're a control freak. Just let the man go about his business!
Papa bear is mad about Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Who can blame him? What Denise did was NOT OK. I think whichever that twin is has got something to hide (butt scars?)
I'd go MAD if someone pulled my pajama bottoms down. It is NOT fun. You should never encroach on someone else's space or body like that. Denise is bang out of order.
Michael will be LOVING this. Fight, fight, fight, fight!
Good on Karissa for saying she's done with the sexual harrassment. 'I'm going to sue you guys!' I suppose because she's a Playboy model Denise thinks she's fair game. But she has a right to her own privacy, FFS. Denise is out of control.
I love Kristina fighting like a lion for her sister. I knew someone was going to bring up the 'she gets her tits out for a living' thing. And you just get your manky old tits out for attention. At least the twins get paid for it.
Letters from home gate! It's all coming now. Nicola: 'go have another drink, babe.' Echos of 'pour me, pour me, pour me another drink.' This is shaping up to be a classic.
Gareth must be getting fucking piles from sitting on that fence for so long, and Romeo's right there by his side. There's NOTHING worse than a fence sitter. You don't have an opinion? You can't tell right from wrong?
Michael's digging the grave for Denise with 'I guess she's crossed the line'. Not sure why Frankie is siding with Denise. Although Denise was joking the second time.
Nicola literally just jumped out of BED to continue the argument! That's commitment. I'm glad we're getting to see her teeth at last, that's what she was put in there for, after all.
What movie is Denise's husband doing in America? Is it Aufweidesen Pet goes to Hollywood? Now Denise is making me think of Jimmy Nail because she keeps going 'she's lying!'
I love seeing the Nerd Herd torn apart! Just open the door and chuck Nicola out in her pajamas.
Nicola sounded like Nikki Graham when she was having her two-year old tantrum. Get a grip!
'You guys are going to have a huge lawsuit on your hands I want a signed statement from the producer saying you're not going to show it'. I guess Big Brother was scared enough to not show it up close. This twins kick are in-fucking-domitable.
The most delicious thing about this whole situation is the twins don't even like Nicola, they just befriended her for a vote.
Stop going on about being called a liar, Denise! You've got a lot worse problems on your hands than that. Nicola's children are called 'Striker' and 'Rocky'?! LOL.
What an atmosphere! I love a party with a happy atmosphere.
Frankie's dropped a few little hate bombs tonight, some I've agreed with, some I haven't.
Nicola to Denise: 'you'll be embarrassed when you watch it back.' So will you! Ooh, if Gareth has lost it with Denise, she's really fucked.
The way those twins love each other is so cute. I wish I had a twin! I want someone to back me up as ferociously as that at all times.
Frankie moaning about being called a sex pest: you said 'come and put a condom on with your butt cheeks' which is actually worse than 'come give us a blowjob.' He's another one who needs to take a look at the footage in the cold light of day.
The only thing that could have made that better is someone getting punched in the face. Maybe tomorrow? Fingers crossed!

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