Sunday, 8 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Listen here, Justin Beiber

Yay! The day they all start fighting. Knew it wouldn't take too long after the 'we all get along so well - everyone in here is so nice' conversation.
Two days in a row now I've heard people say 'shut the front door' instead of 'shut the fuck up.' I prefer 'shut the fuck up.'
I don't think Kirk and Frankie are going to bring out the best in each other. It's like Aden and Anton again: two silly boys pretending to be the big man. Do people really say 'hashtag something'? It's cringier than ''. #notdownwiththekids
Where did Jodie Marsh spring from? I think she looks quite cool. I like her hair. I have a soft spot for the Marsh. The bile she brings out in people is inexplicable. She's mad, but she's not bad.
This task is just an excuse for the cameramen to letch over all the bodies, isn't it?
Have you seen Andrew do the splits yet? I haven't!
Jodie Marsh looks tiny! Her face looks alright again now, she doesn't look so botoxed and weird as recentlyand her boobs look more natural, too.
I couldn't eat a raw egg for a million quid. I don't do eggs. I can barely even watch. Why is Nicola McAnnoying retching?
The pose off is going on too long. Zzzz. Should have got Jodie Marsh to have given a powerpoint lecture on animal rights instead.
Aw to them bitching about Andrew being his back! Nicola seems like the instigator. Is he going to become the underdog? The people's champ? He's not going to take it well if they put him up. He's going to have a meltdown.
There's not much to write about these sporty tasks. I prefer the twins moaning about the boys putting their hands down their pants? 'It's disrespectful in front of girls, especially women like us.' Like what?! Joyless slightly melted Barbie dolls?
MM: 'I think people are running out of friendliness.' Nicely put. That's a feeling I know only too well.
I liked it when that twin dissed Kirk and then looked all pleased with herself.
And now a chef is it the house. Remember when Big Brother involved 'no contact with the outside world'? Me neither. Yeah thanks for the food, Aldo, just get us a KFC next time, yeah?
Andrew on the twins: 'I can't work out which one's which.' MM: 'does it matter?' Quite. The Reservoir dog and the dance teacher are a bit of an unlikely friendship. I like Andrew Stone's OTT laugh.
Twinbots: 'we're hot and fit and smart.' And modest, and likeable.
Ah, they're mainlining lager. Let the fighting commence. Those twins are getting loud and sweary because they're drunk. Frankie is going to cry in the DR because they called him Justin Bieber. Oh and no one will shag him.
MM is not appreciating the twap. Who can blame him?
I can't wait to see Nicola hang herself. Georgia doesn't need 'anything about her' when she's got those boobies, you idiot. The way Kirk retold that story about one of the twins telling them to shut up was a complete whitewash. Him and Nicola can both fuck off. The only way is eviction.


Thrill Fiction said...

This zombiefied version of the 2000 classic isn't worth watching. (It's always bad news when your 'celebrities' are from other reality tv shows).

But Exitainment is always worth a read.

lightupvirginmary said...

Hello stranger. Thanks, I should have 'Exitainment is always worth a read' as my tagline!
I agree about the celebrities. It's these TOWIE ones that really get my goat!