Thursday, 12 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: We've got an extra bottle of wine *high five*

Say what you like about Andrew Stone (and you have), at least he had a heart. How many more people can you say that about in there?
Recap times! I thought they'd been rather too kind with the recaps. Perhaps they're building up to another half an hour one again.
I quite like the dynamic of Denise and the evil twin in the DR. They're quite an incongruous pairing. I don't think Karissa would know what a 'fried Mars bar' is, do you?
Her reaction to eating the cow piss was a bit like how I imagine a blowjob with Hugh Hefner ends: 'you lied - I'll fucking kill you!' and then running round retching.
Denise drinking cow's urine out of a bowl! Hardcore. That twin is hilarious. She's completely psycho. I love brash Americans. Denise must be pissed off she drank the wee wee for nothing.
Sonia saying the twins aren't that pretty. Oh dear. Not a wise conversation to have. even Nicola knew to steer clear.
I love these tasks where they just shit-stir by reading out nasty comments they said. It's delicious. 'I'm quite happy to say it.' Yeah right. That's why you said things behind backs.
Nicola is looking dead ratty today. I think she's turning feral.
Natasha: 'I can't imagine anyone thinking Denise is annoying'. Really? Have you seen Loose Women?
There's a lot of smokers in that BB house. These 'celebs' must be under a lot of pressure. Nicola is 'upset' with what Georgia said. That's rich. You can't stand her! Nicola looks like a giant rodent in that BB chair. Call the exterminator.
Oh, Andrew, I will miss your delusions.
Apparently Nicola will NOT say it to her face after all. Anyone who says the word 'banter' needs to have their loved ones lined up and shot. Georgia is being pissy about this 'apology', I love it. FROSTY.
I don't care about this Georgia/Kirk thing. If she fancies him I have zero respect for her. He's a disgusting little pig. I'm even more annoyed that she's there and Andrew's not, cos she has zero game.
I HATE people who say 'marshMELLOWS.' Kirk is so on my shit list. I'm not surprised he does that misogynistic dancing either. Who'd have thought you could misogynistically dance? It seems like an oxymoron. Andrew would never do it!
I heard Denise say on live feed that her disgusting pink tracksuit was from Florence and Fred (ie. Tescos own brand). Seriously, how much are they paying her on Loose Women?
The most touching tribute to a departed housemate ever comes from the twins: 'Andrew drunk wine so we've got an extra bottle!' and then gave each other a high five! They are a piece of work! Brilliant stuff. Even if you thought it, you wouldn't say it out loud!
Nicola: 'I'm a married mother of two, I don't care if a 25 year old likes me.' This bitch is 28. What a tosspot.
Denise is a fucking piss artist. I bet she's clucking for some charlie as well.
I think Michael has little cocktail glasses on his pyjamas. LOL. He's got some good nightwear. Michael is OBSESSED with Natasha. I think he wants her to be his bit on the side.
Denise is being confrontational. Uh oh, she's a nutso drunk. Idea: if you're a mad drunk, don't go on TV and then drink. Unless they cut that so badly you can't tell what's what. Which I wouldn't be surprised about. But I suspect she's just a mad drunk.
PS: Live feed! It doesn't work as an hour show. It's background, like Deal or No Deal or the tennis. It's for late nights and early mornings, not for concentrating on in a chunk. Just give us four hours or something each night, you tight cunts. Cheerz. It WAS nice to see the unedited BB. But come on now. Give us a Bonio. PS: I don't thing they mentioned Andrew once on that live feed. That's showbusiness!

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