Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Reservoir horndogs

Oh shut up Natalie Cassidy: frightened of Andrew? That's like being frightened of a puppy with a leg missing. Yeah, he's going to handstand you to death. She's said a few shit-stirry things now that I haven't thought were that cool. She's coming across quite hard, I think. I know it must be hard for her, living an entire life with that face, but don't take it out on the rest of us.
What Andrew said would have pissed me off too, though, opinions are subjective, even on Frankie's voice (!)
Andrew is doing himself no favours by being so abrasive with everyone. Natalie is going on about being petrified again! If she is 'petrified', which I don't believe she is, it's because of her recent unfortunate experience, not anything to do with Andrew. No need to beat Andrew with that proverbial slipper.
Jedward alert! Adjust your volume accordingly. I'm not too fussed about them bringing previous celebs back. I'd prefer to find out what the new ones are like: I mean, have you seen Romeo lately? I don't think he's had a line in four days, he's worse scripted than Tracy from Eastenders.
Apparently Georgia has got a boyfriend and there was a video of her telling Kirk as much. Funny they've not shown it on the highlights.
My boyfriend has declared the Towie pillock Rudy off Misfits. Even Rudy has more charm.
The Frankie diet of cigs and crisp sandwiches sounds good. Except the cigs.
Frankie is wearing green jeggings and espadrilles. For fuck's sake! This is a man who think George Lamb is a style icon. That means dude who hosts Cheaters is a style icon. He isn't.
OMG Towie dude is RUBBING HIS WILLY. He's so disgusting. Please throw him out soon, he's more sexually offensive than Jay Mccrae.
This Jedward task is boring. Come back Tree of Temptation, all is forgiven.
I'm surprised those blowjob twins even eat sandwiches. Love Denise ordering MM to make her a cup of coffee, and him not knowing how to do it. I never know either; coffee is groo.
Yegads, Frankie Cocozza is such a little prick. I want to stamp on his fingers. He could really have turned round public opinion on him. But he is exactly what everyone thought. Gary Barlow: I hope you're pleased with yourself. Are you still 'just a phonecall away' for him? Can BB make that call happen in the Diary Room? Come on, it'll be a laugh.
Good to see nutty Andrew up and dancing again. But it's ambiguous if it was a task or just one of Andrew's wise ideas.
I liked Denise's reaction to eating in the DR room. I wouldn't want to eat with that camera looming over me, either.
Do they ever stop taking about 'tits' in that house?! I wouldn't even speak to a bloke who said 'tits'.
MM has a soft spot for Natasha. He wants to do a life swap with Ryan Giggs. He's going in deep! This is quite a worrying daydream he's having. Michael is right; he does overthink. Worryingly so! I think he does fancy Natasha, but it's just the Big Brother Brain (t.m. the Dark Horse). It wears off about three days after you leave the compound.
Women talking about shoes. Could there be anything more disappointing? Yes. If Andrew gets evicted tomorrow. Do the right thing.

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