Thursday, 21 June 2012

Big Brother 13: We aren't scientists

It's Lydia's birthday! I'm going to count how many times we hear the word birthday after the opening credits. I read today that Caroline is favourite to win. If that's the case, just drive me to Beachy Head and topple me off because humanity is DOOMED.
Does Caroline ever stop whining? Benedict is one one today. He's just letting rip now, as well he might, because he could be leaving on Friday anyway. Might as well have a meltdown.
Birthday count: 16 (including the singing of Happy Birthday - don't they have to pay royalties for that?)
Caroline wants Benedict to go: another reason to vote for for him to stay - rub it in her fucking face.
Caroline bitching about Becky because Becky said 'we're the ugly sisters'. Why not just say, 'speak for yourself?'
I don't think we've seen Lauren once tonight so far. She must be providing top entertainmentz!
Benedict must know this task is a fake - it's obvious that you can't give someone 1,000 volts; even Arron could work that one out. I could see Lydia being in charge of the electric chair, couldn't you? 
I love Benedict reading out these questions. They stopped at 800 volts. I think they'd already be dead by then. I thought the lab rats acting was quite good. Well, you passed the task, but you would have been good little workers in the concentration camps.
You can't really have a go at someone for crying on their birthday: it's a tradition. You're allowed to act like a dick on your birthday and no one can say SHIT! That's the rules.
This is the real reason Caroline doesn't like Becky; because she takes her idiot sidekick Scott off her.
The two Luke's are really having a wrestle for alpha male status. But boofy Luke doesn't even know it's happening. I do think Luke A is threatened by Luke S's hyper-masculinity. But Luke S is just a cartoon character of a man, certainly nothing to aspire to.
Why would a man shave their arms? Why would a woman shave their arms? I think Lydia's come as Cruella De Vil.
Nomination talk revoked! It just makes BB look flaky, which they are. It's too late now, anyway, the damage has been done. Benedict is right to complain, they've shafted him good and proper.
Lydia: 'the whole day they haven't even said happy birthday.' LOL.
Can someone give Becky a mirror? Unless that orange tidemark round her chin is intentional?
Conor seems think Sisquo is a big star! Current references. Lydia's diary room sulk was funny. 'It's practically midnight.'
The Lydia masks is like some Aphex Twin shit. Nice mention of the 'hamburglar' there. Her speech was name-drop central.
Everyone must remember this top ASL hit! Er... no one can even dance to it.
Lydia's phonecall to ASL was like a hostage situation: 'marry me, have kids!' She didn't even let him speak! He didn't sound overly enamoured with her.
Does Arron wear that onesie when he goes to clubs? Does he ever wash it or just give it the Febreeze treatment?
Lauren looks good in that dress. It's not hard to see why the other girls are envious of her, is it?
Another weird ending! It's like they've forgotten how to end the show. You end it on a 'doof doof' like in Eastenders. Dur. If you like my blog and want to give me some virtual love, bung a vote to save Benedict. Between us, I reckon we've got more clout than ASL, right? Come on, together we can control the future-future-future!


SadiiaaC. said...

Voted for benedict! TWICE! lol and your blogs are hilarious! I'd rather read this than watch BB!! :)

lightupvirginmary said...

Thank you so much! :)