Saturday, 23 June 2012

Big Brother 13: I don't know if Luke's noticed that I despise him

I know Big Brother is going to get my blood pressure up tonight. Keep calm, open the wine, take the Valium, practice your breathing, gas and air, please - oh no, that's something else.
D-d-d-d-d-d-deadwood! How can I survive however many weeks of this there is left without anyone to love? I'm ranging from indifference (Adam, Luke A) to twisted admiration (Lydia) to unbridled hatred (Caroline/ Conor) but there's no love.
Stop saying 'inappropriate' in the BB house! NOTHING is inapporpriate in the BB house - well, except racism, physical violence and rape.
Belly-laughing at Benedict's unscrewing the chair and pretending to jerk off in front of them seems bittersweet now. The fact they're having to rehash stories from a couple of nights ago pretty much says it all.
Shev completely overreacts to everything, yet she gets away with it. 
Caroline, I wouldn't worry about being fat, it's your hideous personality that really makes you ugly (well, that and your face).
Lauren's crying again - zzz. She's about as entertaining as Rachel Rice. I'm sick of her miserable mush. Why didn't they show this yesterday? It's such a load of BS. OMG why is she still in there? I'm so angry. How can people be so stupid YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR. Thickery. All this show is going to be now is people I don't like arguing. I sat through enough of that for a decade in my teens.
What's up with Shev, she's being SUCH a prick. The women in that house are an embarrassment. What has offended her so much, him jokingly proposing to her? I can't stand her. I feel sorry for Adam, he doesn't seem to know if he's coming or going. I wish he'd just gone 'bitch' after Shev walked off and Lydia dismissed him, then I'd have a reason to love him. But he just SITS THERE.
Will Big Brother ever get over these wanking puns for Benedict? They're like teenage boys. It's absolutely pathetic.
Benedict went out with STYLE. If those idiots don't understand that, they've got no game.
Luke is VIOLENT. I wouldn't want to live with that sort of behaviour. Kicking furniture is not on. I wouldn't put up with it in my house. He's disgusting. Caroline: 'fucking wanker.' That's you FUCKING REVEALED, little Miss Innocent. Of course you'd rather HE'D NOT HAVE TOLD YOU, LUKE, SO YOU COULD BLAME SOMEONE ELSE, YOU PUMPED UP PRICK. I just shouted at the telly so loud I had to rewind twice, I was so incensed. Benedict should have left them a little deposit in the shower, too.
Conor's got the Hitler haircut to go with his attitude. Why aren't they showing the bit we saw on the live feed of him saying he was going to beat up Benedict at the wrap party? I wonder!
I hope Luke A is sticking up for Benedict rather than just boo-hooing in the DR. Oh no, he isn't. Stick up for your mate, you fence-sitter. Show your fucking teeth! You make me sick. I wouldn't let people stand there slagging off my friend, I'd rather walk out up the stairs right after him. People have no LOYALTY.
It was touching what Luke A was saying in the DR. Luke S 'what's wrong with him?' What do you think is wrong with him, numbnuts? His friend's just left. Don't you have emotions, stupid?
LOL, Lydia heard the crowd chanting hers AND Deana's name. Funny that, I only heard Lydia's name. Lydia is doing some supreme projection here. She's a badass.
When Conor said Benedict had 'a gameplan' he means 'he's got a brain.' Ha, he just even admitted it.
Luke, prawn isn't really your colour, ducks. Watching these three try and collude is pathetic. Influencing nominations much? Losers. Actually, not losers: scum!
LOL to Ashleigh's 'you are fucking great' whilst doing roll eyes over her shoulder. Way to endear yourself to the public, you hateful cow. Is that a knife sticking out of your back, Deana? FFS these people are utterly heartless. Unbelievable.
Go on Luke A: lose it! Caroline: 'I want to hug you, but, you know.' The end of that sentence is: 'aligning myself with you might have put a target on my back.'
At least Lauren is plotting with Deana and not Rat-face. That's something, I suppose. But it isn't enough.
UGH ratty and Luke snogging. Was she giving him a handjob? Nice. The he stuck a pillow over her face. Just keep it there, please. Please?
Dear caps lock: I'm sorry. I know not what I done. BAD FEELINGS!

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