Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Evil eyes cherry

I was reading something I wrote in 2000 tonight and realised I was a total an IDIOT. So apologies if that's still the case and I haven't realised. You can always let me know in the comments.
How much recap are we going to get tonight? I'm starting 30 mins in just to be sure. I asked my friend if she knows the Playboy bunny girl and she said she does but she didn't work there long, so no confirmation on if she's an arse or not.
No 'bath shaped like an egg' quips on the first night. For that we can be thankful. Deana looks snooty, but I can't tell if that's her planning-to-nominate face or her normal face.
My boyfriend is spoilerising me! I just went 'I wonder how long Luke's going to keep his secret' and he's like 'I know already.' Booo! I think Luke should have kept it up his sleeve a bit longer; there's power in that secret - you could use it for a bit of a sob story at the end or something. I suppose there's always a risk someone's going to call you sneaky for keeping it quiet. On BB USA they'd have your guts for garters for keeping a secret like that.
Ashleigh: 'just gimme a shot of something?' Rifle or handgun?
I do feel a bit sorry for Lydia, even though she tried to throw someone else under the bus. If I was in there, I'm sure I'd think 'why me?' too, especially when Ashleigh's in there. She was born to be nominated.
I think Benedict could be the one to watch. I didn't notice Victoria came in clutching a soft toy. I could have nommed her for that, easily. No need to mention the undoubtedly evil eyes.
Deana didn't anguish much over the noms, I don't think. Conor seems harmless, really, I don't really see the point of nominating him. He won't go anyway, as we all know women always go first.
Victoria took it really badly. I like them all laughing at the evil eyes comment. Lydia looks well shifty. Arron saw right through her BS. Even BB couldn't put up with her crap, Deana didn't even need to give a reason.
Victoria: 'so you lied about the evil eyes?' Deana: 'I suppose, yeah.' That's a no. Don't worry, she's not bothered. It's all good. I like the way Deana didn't bother to grovel at all - n'all apologies.
Why did Benedict drop the porn bomb so soon? He should have kept that under wraps a bit longer. Deana didn't look the slightest bit phased by that either. She's cool as a cucumber.
Ashleigh: 'would you get your penis enlarged?' She just comes right out and says it, doesn't she? Do people really say 'ream'? Isn't 'reaming' licking out someone's arse? It was in my day. Admittedly, my day is done.
Ashleigh is common as muck; does she have to say everything she thinks? Ooh, Lauren (Kylie's) getting mad with her. Act like a lady on Big Brother. Just like Kinga.
That's a bit of a thick pile rug to have in a bathroom. I wouldn't want to wash wee out of that. I hope Lydia doesn't go. I want Victoria to go. Is it vote to evict or save?
Chris: 'I was held hostage for 45 minutes.' Gangsta tales.
Not nice to have a new best friend who hates you for nominating them, isn't it? Uneasy alliance!
Benedict: blatantly bisexual. 'I just describe myself as a human being.' That's like that 'I don't believe in labels' bullshit. Straight men describe themselves as straight - vehemently!
Benedict is going to be the new Aaron, I can tell.
Lydia needs to take that chip off her shoulder. Mind you, she has to spend time with Lisa Scott Lee, anyone would be narky after a trip to Dubai with that. She's a bit paranoid. I still think she's an interesting character, though.
Chris, Luke A and Scott are the oddball group, bless them. Yes, they're not quite alpha males. Chris is like Kirk Norcross after he's done a bad thing in a fairytale and been turned into a pig. Are married men not allowed to look at women? Weird.
LOL to the tattooed argyle sock. Wonderful shading.
Ooh, Victoria is pissy. She's coming over dead haughty. She doesn't know what a MILF is? Don't like. Scott is another one qualifying his sexuality; on a scale this time.
Luke A reminds me of Steve Coogan. Chris is getting on my nerves big time. My noms would be for him and Ashleigh.
Hmm, Conor has got THAT accent. The Diary Room looks like a grotto. Not sure his shorts match his vest.
I wish they had put some neo-Nazi in there, just for the entertainment factor. I like Sara, she seems friendly and she's appealing to look at. I think she'll keep that secret.
The thing about Luke A is he's quite normal apart from his secret. That could be a good thing; I get sick of the 'outrageous' characters. If he wants to swim, he should tell them and just get it over with. They can't be douchey about it, even if they want to be, because they will be taken to task.
Lydia; she had to vote for SOMEONE. If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone else, and would you have cared then, hmm? No.
Oh, it's a vote to save. Well, that's something. But will anyone bother?
I will be blogging tomorrow but it will be a couple of hours late as I've got to leave the house tomorrow evening, so do bear with me as I'll be tired and ratty. So it should be a good 'un!
PS: Tell me what you think of people in the comments! Come on, it will make a change from being called an ignorant cunt. :)


dawn said...

I totally agree on the Steve Coogan comment! Caught that in a profile shot. Benedict is going to be gold, and I have a soft spot (ie pity) for the chubling bailiff.

lightupvirginmary said...

How can you have a soft spot for him? I can imagine him as an adult baby.

Unknown said...

The 'stirring in someone else's porridge' comment made by the massive baby made me a little bit sick in my mouth. Also anyone that describes sex as 'hanging out of the back of somebody' deserves to be hanging out the back of a speeding van by a noose.

lightupvirginmary said...

Did you see that Melanie sykes Twitter story? Fucking desperate!