Friday, 15 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Bailed out

Strangely, my household is now rooting for Chris to stay. He's so bad he's good; and I'd love to see him think that the public love his chubby little chops and then get a HUGE wake up call. I can't actually bring myself to vote for him though; that's a decision I could end up regretting.
Sometimes I wish Brian Belo was hosting instead. Maybe they could do a job swap just for one week. Not sure what Brian Belo does, though. But I'll always remember that moment he fell of a chair on Celeb Come Dine With Me because he was so appalled that someone said Dannii Minogue was attractive. Classic.
So I heard it was Scott's sister who died. He's either got a heart of stone, she'd had a very long illness and it was for the best, or they weren't close. I hope it's one of the latter. Either way, you think he'd want to go to the funeral? Give his mum a cuddle? Oh I don't know, family situations are weird. But that just feels inherently wrong.
Shopping list times! I'm not surprised to see that chalk in Lydia's hand. 'Did you say 500 bananas?' etc.
Arron to Chris: 'we shouldn't be up.' Democracy says otherwise. Keep Chris in just to annoy horsey cow. What's with all the dip dye hair? Has someone gone crazy with Harry's old food colouring?
I can't stand Lauren but I'm glad they've seen through Becky. Arron thinks he's funnier than Chris! Non. Chris is offering meat and banter. I'll give both a miss, thanks.
Arron's sister's looking a little orange. 'There's loads about Arron nobody knows.' I doubt it. He's got less depth than a shot of vodka. Chris's mum seems to be wearing a dead ostrich.
The public do NOT want to see showmances. Real relationships that build up over time; yes. Showmance; no. One of the best romances (apart from Helen and Paul) was Chantelle and Preston. Even though he was a douche and had a girlfriend, there was something genuinely touching about them falling for each other. It's sad to see what she's become, a mini-Jordan without the humour (I know, as is it could be possible). I miss her straggly blonde hair and day-glo lipstick.
Shopping list gate. They got a luxury budget and they're still not happy. They overspent by £147! LOL. Chris is pissed cos there's no crisps. You can't blame him.
I'm surprised Ashleigh is giving Luke the brush off as I personally think he's way out of her league (not that I believe in leagues, but you know, he appears to be half intelligent). She's a little idiot. I can't stand girls who are only interested in blokes who aren't interested in them and all of that gameplaying bullshit. Fuck that shit.
Caroline: 'she's got the best body in the world, but not better than yours.' Er...
Why is Luke shaving his bits in front of everyone? Groo.
Caroline: 'Ashleigh is overflowing with charisma.' You're overflowing with bullshit. This Ashleigh/ Lauren/ Caroline trilogy is like some boarding school nonsense. It's like Enid Blyton. What if Lauren does like Luke? Ashleigh's already cast him asunder. Why did Lauren tell Ashleigh that she put Luke up for nomination? How long before Luke finds out? I give it 20 minutes.
LOL Chris is from Luton. No wonder he's such a cunt. The only worse place to come from than that is Corby.
See Chris sit down when he got that cheer? Don't sit down too, soon, fatte. Look at him in his cardy. He's getting about 10 times more cheers than Aaron did when he won it. Mad world.
How did they hear about how many followers Aaron has got on Twitter? Was Scott checking that out as he grieved?
Chris's interview was alright. I think he did go a little too soon. But he was bugging. I wanted to use 'Chris pissed-off-urgh-gone' for my title but my boyfriend said it didn't make sense. Anyone? Anyone?
That little taster of live feed at the end is a tease. I miss the off-the-cuff moments. I'm looking forward to BBUSA and The Glass House and unbridled voyeurism. John De Mol knows how to make a reality show. And a quiz show. Ha, Emma Willis just called Chris 'bubbly'. Enough said.

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