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Big Brother 13: Here's to rapists and racists

Sup! I'm back from Ibiza, burnt and realising I'm too old for holidays in Ibiza. I missed blogging and my cats!
So I just watched all of this week's BBs in one go: no mean feat.
I'm not in the least bit surprised that Lydia and Deana are up; and Lydia will go tonight. It's sad to see her go under as she's more entertaining than every other one of those people put together. Big Brother has fucked it up so bad this year. I've seen some editorial suicide in my time but this really takes the cake. They are letting the lunatics run the asylum. I hope their viewing figures are going through the floor.
Anyway, rather than just rehashing episodes you've long forgotten, I'm just going to do exactly that, but via my thoughts on each housemate.
Conor: the standout moment of the week was Conor saying he'd like to rape Deana with a hairbrush and knock her out. I sincerely hope there was a huge outrage over this - I was absolutely appalled. I'm disgusted that BB didn't throw him out for it, and there was no sign of him getting a formal warning for that revolting behaviour. The man makes Jay McCray look like Brian Sewell. Seriously; is that acceptable language to use about women? The way the group was treating Deana towards the early part of the week WAS bullying. That epilator thing had undertones of real animosity. Lydia, however, was not being bullied, but I enjoyed her insistence that she was. Even so, Big Brother had the perfect opportunity to put Conor up and right a massive wrong this week. But as usual they sat back and did nothing - pathetic. No, worse than pathetic: damaging. He was 'angry': I suggest he go be angry outside then. Deana still doesn't even know what he said: it should be played to the group. They'd still probably back him, though, revolting bunch that they are. If this man says one more aggressively misogynistic thing, please can he be removed? Or do we really not care anymore?
Caroline: all she does is say cunty things and then say 'sorry'. I hate her guts and can't wait to see her get thrown to the wolves. Her calling Adam a 'gorilla' was disgraceful and she fully deserved her formal warning. But where was Conor's formal warning? I didn't believe either of their 'apologies'. They're both utterly odious - I hope their parents are utterly ashamed with what they've 'raised'.
Ashleigh: the thicko act was embarrassing when Jade did it, ten years later it wears thinner than that dress Ashleeeeeen wore about 6 years ago when they put her in that secret house and she had a mini-meltdown because she had to upset one of three strangers. I actually feel embarrassed for how stupid Ashleigh is, and how insecure she is around Lauren. There's nothing about her; and I think she's starting to realise it herself. It must be terrifying to be so shallow. I pity her. Turning to Conor for help really does indicate serious levels of misjudgement.
Luke S: I'd have love to see him go up this week. Sadly it wasn't to be.
Luke A: His fencesitting is actually becoming criminal. When Deana was pleading to him for help and he told her to leave it, I thought, 'you're just as bad as them.' That quote about sitting back and doing nothing has never rung truer.
Adam: His fencesitting is almost as bad as the outright evil of Caroline and when she called him up on it (when she called him conformist, which is true), he looked visibly irked. I really want him to show his teeth.  If he does, he could win it.
Becky: a waste of air. Her proudly admitting to know nothing about Nazis was an embarrassment to our country, and I have no national pride whatsoever. She's of the 'proud to be thick' generation and everyone who voted her in must be looking at last month's phonebill and sobbing.
Sara: ------------
Lydia: a superb housemate who will be kicked out tonight. Her narcissism, persecution complex, and plotting make for great entertainment. She's so sharp in some ways and so silly in others. She honestly can't understand why people would nominate her. I'll miss her black hoodie, cocoon quilt and darting eyes. I'm glad she got to gunge them fuckers.
Shev: so overdone I don't think she even has a personality anymore, she's just an arm waving and a mouth moving.
Scott: vile. No redeeming features.
Deana: dark echoes of Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty in her appalling treatment earlier in the week. I neither like or dislike her, I just find her so wishy washy, but she absolutely does not deserve the appalling treatment she gets from the men in that house. The mob mentality was hard to watch.
Lauren: a spineless crybaby, yet perfectly harmless. She neither adds nor takes from the house, yet the amount she winds people up is intriguing. The girls jealousy of her seems weird.
Arron: What a mistake keeping this angry little boy in. He's an embarrassment with a nasty temper and I could see him getting thrown out, too.
All I can think of is the amount of hate there's going to be for people like Caroline when they do finally leave because never has there been such a one-sided house before. BB - please put everyone up so we can vote and have our say. These people can't be trusted to evict the right people.
The task wasn't bad, but I'm fed up of all these eating tasks. It's not I'm a Celebrity. I'd also have had more respect for Lauren/ Lukes if they'd pushed the button and just been selfish for once. Taking it for the team is dull.
Oh sorry I can't really laugh at Conor's japes in the DR since HE THREATENED TO RAPE SOMEONE WITH A HAIRBRUSH AND KNOCK THEM OUT. How can that be overlooked? How? Am I operating in some alternative universe?
Ashleigh has just been WAITING for this opportunity to have a go at Lauren. Lauren is in the right, she did give up more of her fags than others. 'You're not even a proper smoker.' What do you have to do to qualify; is there a special badge, or is it judged on the amount of black phlegm you cough up in a morning? Hey, that could be a task.
Deana is so drippy! How could anyone save her over Lydia? I will never understand this show. Never!
'There's an elephant in the room'. Camera pans to Becky. I'd say it's cruel, but what else is she good for? She's ruined this show in so many ways.
There's no suspense because it's so obvious Lydia will go. I wasn't even up to date enough to vote! What a boring show this will be without Lydia. Losing Benedict and Lydia in two weeks is unrecoverable-from, in my opinion. Big Brother; you should have stepped in. You're going to get the show you deserve; a house-filled with people who don't know chickens come from eggs and talk about women like they're nothing. Oh, and the odd racist. BTW, how come Emily got chucked out for a stupid-but-not-hateful 'ni**a' and Alexandra got chucked out for 'pow pow pow' but grown man Conor doesn't get thrown out for making sexual threats against women? It's shaming, it really is. It makes everything the Daily Mail has ever said about this show look quite near the money.
Are they covering up the boos as Lydia leaves? Lydia looks great as usual. I would rather watch a show with evictees Chris, Benedict and Lydia in than these jokers. I have never felt this much hatred towards contestants in a BB house. I need someone to love in there so much!
Also: fuck off Brian Dowling. He's being really harsh on Lydia. I hope you're going to take Conor to task when he comes out. Lydia has done fuck all; a bit of plotting and scheming and entertaining in a game show; burn the witch! Idiot, Dowling. Your show would be dead without people like her. He should have offered her more support in the face of that crowd. He gets it wrong more often than not these days.
I like the way Lydia is just stoically ignoring the braindead crowd. Meatheads and morons, the lot of them.
I really like Andy Scott Lee! He's a cutie. Brian sounded surprised ASL was sticking with her; they're in a relationship; he'd be a pretty rubbish boyfriend if he was going to dump her over some unfair editing on a TV show. Yes, I'm calling out the editing.
I know who I'd want on my side in a fight; Lydia all the way. She's loyal and smart. The fact she's lambasted for that says nothing about her and everything about the google-eyed drones who watch this show.
Now I'm going to go on Digital Spy/ Twitter and there better be fucking OUTCRY over this whole Conor business. I wondered why they put him in; now we know. To get on the front pages of the paper when he attacks someone. Nice.

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