Friday, 22 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Sorry about the curry.

Ooh it's going to be a tense one tonight! The tide seems to have been turning for Benedict, and it looks more like 50/50. Although I think people are more passionate about saving Benedict than Lauren; and I hope they're not swayed by her tears. I think Benedict could have the Freddie factor. I hope, anyway. Benedict's come with a Lego hat on. The boos and cheers seem quite split for him and Lauren.
I like it when they aren't allowed to talk about nominations, because then they get in trouble when they do, and then BB can fix the voting and put 'baddies' up for eviction. But I do quite like the noms chat, too.
I HATE the way Caroline giggles like a little fucking simpleton whenever she's in trouble. She's got no fucking tact. That's so insensitive laughing like that when you've just hurt someone's feelings. YEAH to Benedict for tearing a strip off her. Caught out!
STFU up, Ashleigh, you absolute scrotum. I can virtually hear the phone ringing off the hook to save Benedict as these spiteful little cunts gang up on him. At least Becky's seen what Caroline's made of now (shit) and hopefully she'll be up next week. LOL at Brian's jokes about Caroline's hair. Why is Lauren talking like a little girl? Grow the fuck up. And do it at home, please. The boo crowd are out in force tonight. Have they got their pitchforks with them?
Lauren's mum: 'they both need to stay!' She's not quite got the hang of this, has she? Brian: I'm not watching it on +1, can you give it a rest? I'm not lobotomised. Even the way Caroline apologises is offensive. If she was a perfume, she'd be called Odious.
Why are they showing all this filler masterclass bullshit when we all know there was a huge ruck in the house yesterday? The producers are soooooo fucking clueless. I watched Benedict's porno today! His face was a picture. Has Caroline ever had sex before? I can only imagine how stuck up she is in bed. She probably does it with her knickers on. Why is Caroline wrinkling her nose at the word 'vagina'? She's like a 5 year old. Scott, don't pretend you've had sex either. I don't think this is really helping Benedict's case as it just makes him seem a bit creepy.
Boo hoo, someone messed with Luke's protein shake. I'm glad they showed that after the votes closed. Arron is SUCH a bad liar. I think Luke's going to turn into the Incredible Hulk.
'No one would want to inflict hatred' says Saint Caroline. She looks like a YETI. LOL they think Deana did it. Benedict, you crafty sod.
The stupid comment Deana made about periods was just a flippant comment. Lydia acted like a fucking banshee nutcases. Why are these people so scared of their own bodily functions, their vaginas, sex? It's actually a sad indictment of the repression of women in this country.
Lydia has gone too far this time, she's being an absolute fucking prick. It's funny when people accuse you of playing 'mind games' when they're actually a psychopath. However, what they didn't show there, but did show on BOTS was Shev also completely overreacting over it too. I'm seriously done with them now - complete knobs. More filler with this model crap. Let's just find out who's out.
Benedict's OUT. I'm fucking livid about this result. I seriously feel like stopping watching, because I can't actually stand anyone in there. Completely the wrong result. At least he admitted about the curry so Deana won't be blamed - nice parting shot.
I liked his chair exit. Would have been better if he'd thrown it onto the crowd, knocked out a couple of numbskulls and and increased the IQ of the nation. So I just looked on Digital Spy in the break and Caroline called Benedict a 'fucking wanker' as he walked out the door. Guess she DID know the word for that after all. I absolutely hate her guts. She's rotten to the core. I can't actually write what I'd like to do to her on here because I'll probably get my blog shut down. ARGH I'm so pissed off. I bet you a million pounds we don't see 5 minutes of Lauren next week. Just wait.
Benedict would have voted Caroline and Ashleigh. FFS we needed him in there. He really shot himself in the foot with that masturbation crap, didn't he. And it pisses me off that they keep going on about it; that's not all he was about. Oh yeah, I forgot Benedict had his vote grabbed off him, too. What a joke. The only person I like in that house now is Adam, and he does NOTHING. Lydia is entertaining but the second she gets put up, she's gone.
Why on earth would they get in trouble because Benedict took the chair? That was one of the coolest eviction exits ever. Fucking little babies, boo hoo, he broke the rules. Why are they so bothered about it? And then Conor THREATENING to hit him at the wrap party! Is that acceptable? OK with that are you Big Brother? Pow pow pow.
Arseholes, the lot of them. This is the earliest EVER that Big Brother has jumped the shark. I don't even feel like blogging anymore. Seriously, fuck every one of you that voted for Lauren. I bet you're the same donkeys who voted for Denise Welch to win. Utter gits.

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