Saturday, 16 June 2012

Big Brother 13: Obviously you're a human being

Warning: Big Brother may have recycled ideas, fake romances and tedious arguments. But at least it doesn't have Chris anymore. Actually, that might not be a good thing.
Spot picking; gross when you're doing it to yourself, let alone other people.
The fact Caroline was so excited about cream tea as a prize means she is super posh. I don't even know what 'high tea' is. Isn't it when someone makes you a cup of tea as 'mind sellotape' at 5am in the morning after a big night out? There's obviously nothing happening in the house if BB is having to engineer faux drama like this. Tiresome.
That's my girl, Lydia, complaining about someone touching her feet. NO ONE touches my feet. I would rather go out with a necrophiliac than a foot fetishist. 'Inappropriate': Lydia's got the HR speak going on, she's probably been hanging out with Faye Tozer. Lydia: 'I'm very astute like that.' Astute people don't say such things. Still, I'd rather be in hers and Deana's gang than the boarding school trilogy.
Seriously, if they keep going on about the Queen on BB I'm going to stop watching this shit. When Rodrigo did it, it was cute. This is getting borderline sinister.
I hate seeing Becky gloating about Chris going, because he was ten times more entertaining than her. At least that's who he is; I don't believe we're seeing her real personality. Caroline gloating about him being gone was really unbecoming. Have you heard of tact? I'm glad Lydia went and had a quiet word in her ear. Lydia doesn't sit on the fence, and she's not backward in coming forward. That's why I like her. I can clearly see where the house divides now and I know where my loyalties lie. I also think the numbers are on our side, although I might be wrong. It helps that our side has half a brain, so they can engineer nominations if they're smart.
Why is Lauren all over Arron all of a sudden? Must be the onesie.
Lydia is putting Adam in his place. The trouble is, they never really showed what Adam did, so it just makes Lydia look like a prick. The editing seems a little lopsided. I think she's very wise to tell him where he stands; a lot of girls wouldn't feel confident to do that and it's something to be admired, although she did over-egg it in the DR.
Sniffing the Chris pillow! Yuck. Deana's face when Scott was saying he fancied Arron was hilarious. 'Do you like his personality?' I don't think he could give a shit about his personality, Deana. Scott doesn't like shallow and bitchy gay men *self-hating*.
Did that Daily Star advert just say 'a Sunday paper you can trust?' Surely that breaches trading standards in some way?
Becky passing judgement on Ashleigh; what's it got to do with you, exactly? Put a sock in it. Now they're all having a slag off session in the hot tub.
Conor: 'so you're bisexual?' Benedict: 'no, I'm a human being.' Conor: 'well, obviously you're a human being.' That's the smartest thing he's said in there. Benedict, you're bisexual, deal with it. Conor can't understand this Morrissey-esque ambiguity. Break it down to him in simple terms. Cock or vagina or both, capiche?
Lydia is steering those nominations hard. 'We'll give Arron a week off,' she decrees. Whatever it takes to keep herself of the block. I'd love to see more of those late night chats and plotting. Really hope Becky or Caroline goes this week. Rah! 

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