Monday, 14 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Watch out for cornflakes

My boyf is already bored of BB. Appreciate it! It's our last one. I do agree though that the engineering of storylines so early on is tiring. I wish they'd let them bed in a bit.
Mario does seem to like Sunshiiiiiiiine. Why?
Apparently John James is favourite to win! WTF.
They didn't put Steve in because he snores, folks. That's just an added bonus.
I want to see Mario's clown painting. It sounds DEEP, dude. You can't stop growing old, Mario. Brian Molko taught us that.
Steve! Blew him up and then set a dog on him. Glorious war. Ben: 'your mother must have just been beside herself.' LOL. Why has Ben got his tongue so far up Steve's arse? I think it's a bit patronising. What choice does he have but to live and go on with life?
I don't think I've ever seen any of those girls speak to Sunshine. I have heard them say shit about her late into the night though. It's weird that the girls are the ones staying up this year. I don't think I've ever seen that before.
I'd rather be Lady Gargoyle than Fiancee. Fiancee is always spewing bile, backed up by her little impy henchman. That's Govan and Shabby both talked about nominations so far.
Corin and Nathan are flying so far under the radar, they're burrowing underground.
Ben liasing with the common people! Discussing sandwiches and Corrie. I like it.
I can feel a Shabby strop coming on! She's gonna Veruca Salt you up. Do you not understand English, Shabby? You broke the rules. Now if you don't like it, you know where the door is.
I'm surprised the It girls (Fiancee, Ife & Keeva) put up with Shabby 'what can I say, I get a lot of poontang' and her bullshit. She's one spoilt cunt. Go sit on the naughty step. Imagine if Shabby had her legs blown off? No, let's imagine her having her head blown off. It's more fun.
OMG Is Fiancee serious? She fancies Nathan? He looks like a shrivelled up Noel Gallagher (who looks like a shrivelled up Liam Gallagher). With a bit of Jack Branning icing. Blergh. Behold him lying starfish-style in the garden, his hairy chest exposed. Yuck.
Shabby: 'I'm such a fucking bell-end'. A fitting epitaph, I'm sure you'll agree. She's writing this blog for me. She didn't confess that essentially she fingered Steve. Her confession was very self-serving.
Why is John always frowning? Oh, because he's thick as pig shit.
Why do they need to wear the safety glasses for the brain freeze task? Just to make them look silly! I thought Nathan might win it. He looks competitive.
When is Dave going to start speaking in tongues? Before or after his eviction?
Govan reminds me of Gok Wan; 100% insincere. Fiancee is just a spiteful dullard.
Ben; here's why Shabby won't speak to you; you're too common for her! Not rich enough!
Are those diary room wings made out of Fiancee's hair extensions? Acrylic afternoons indeed.
Is John James chatting up Josie? I thought he just stood and waiting for the Sheilas to come to him. Do you think he's going to get to touch up his highlights in the house?
That's so cruel that BB won't give them earplugs! I would smother Steve in his sleep. I couldn't sleep in that room. They must be barred from the nest too.
My boyfriend has decided Govan talks like Vicky Pollard. He certainly talks enough bullshit.
Right, I'm off to get intoxicated on the holy ghost.

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