Friday, 25 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Wake me up before you Govan

Dave is really creepy. In reality, I'd like to see him go over Govan, but the momentum seems to be behind Govan and I want to save Ben.
If they cut off my hot water I just wouldn't have a shower. Simple.
Is this a highlight, Mario and Ben playing word association games? Dear lord.
Why are people so antagonistic towards vegans (and vegetarians?) Shouldn't it be meat eaters who have to justify themselves, not the other way around? I think people are so offended by people being ethical because it makes them feel guilty.
Mario is a sexy scientist. Uh oh, Ben's ducking out of the task. This doesn't bode well. I'd like to stick John James to that tape you use to catch flies and leave him there.
What IS this 'rock-ET' Shabby speaks of? That's not how they talk in Milton Keynes.
Govan sitting shit-stirring saying he'd vote out Ben or Mario. What would you vote out Mario for, I've never heard him say a bad word about anyone!
So John and Mario can both suck themselves off. Bollocks.
SHUT UP GOVAN. ARGH. Do any kind words ever leave his lips?
Corin's thicko act is so past its sell-by date it's going mouldy.
I agree with John James about Sunshine's name. If she likes it that much she should be proud to have it on her medical certificate. John James is just going on for no reason, though. But that's his only setting. He just needs one girl or other to antagonise.
Oh God, I'm really scared Ben is going to go. Please don't make it so. Dave WANTS to go! I wish he would.
Ben looks like he's BRICKING IT. Yes, Ben is safe.
EVERYONE in that room thought Ben was going. They look GUTTED! It should have been you, Shabby.
Govan MINCED down those stairs. I don't even hate Govan that much. But I love upsetting the house. Ben has been fucking pilloried this week. Fuck that house.
72% of the vote! Out of four! Cool, I think Ben is more popular than we thought.
'He's a bit stupid and he shitstirs' should be Govan's epitaph.
Govan looked rightly embarrassed when shown his bitch fest. I think he's actually alright, he's just a bit naughty. He should have just bitten the bullet and come out of the closet yesterday.
Interesting Govan said Big Brother was laughing at him in the diary room! LOL.
I thought Govan came off quite well in his interview, he seemed quite affable.
Oh god, why haven't they cut this awful bit at the end where people call in! It sucks.
Govan looks beleaguered. Aw, to Josie crying in the bathroom. I never even knew they were that close!
I wish they still showed them their best bits at the end, it's a really feel good thing that they've ruined. Amongst other things. Ben FTW.

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