Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Brother 11: John James, so dumb they named him twice

Obviously we already know Mario passed the task; and it would have been mental torture to throw him out after all that. Still, I've seen bigger miscarriages of justice on BB.
Here's the problem with Sunshine. She doesn't 'know herself', as Ashleeeeen used to say. Her personality is contrived, therefore you can't relate to her.
Nathan has only said one line in four days, and they got subtitled. I see why they're not showing much of him, he needs his own full-time translator.
Steve's snoring is grotesque. It's a good reason to nominate him without seeming like an arse though.
Ben has dabbled with blokes! Aw he doesn't fancy Mario, though. Sob. How could he like Fiancee more? She's a zzz factory.
I watched a bit of this quiz task on the live feed and Mario was actually replying back to the tree. It was so obvious! Mario is hamming it up too much. He needs to work on his faux-crying.
John James is so desperate to win its unreal, cobber. So much of what he says is unbridled bullshit.
Is Sunshine wearing that outfit/ lipstick for a joke?
I don't think I'd like to eat anything John cooked. He doesn't even know how to grate cheese. I don't think Mario could even fuck it up more, that pizza looks so gross. Mario's messing up of the task was fun; at least he got to trash something at last. I would have wrecked the joint.
It was quite a lark seeing John James get screwed. 'I don't eat cooking!' He's a gold-plated div. I think he might be inspired casting.
Mario: 'I wouldn't go in there because I've just had a big shit.' Class.
John laughing at the mess in the kitchen was good. I warmed to him then. The others still eating the dregs! Desperate.
Mario swore on Steve's life! Just as deadly as a roadside bomb. Sunshine is always trying to out him. I wish she'd wrap up.
This mole task thing ended up with people just voting for who they wanted to get evicted. Which was bad news for Sunshine. Unless they all just copied each other. But good news for Mario. Hurrah.
Why DID everyone vote Sunshine? Just because she's annoying, I guess. If I was in that house I'd be sure to vote for her first nominations, in the assurance I would survive the cut.
Sunshine is too earnest. I haven't got the measure of Govan yet but I think he might be a shit-stirrer.
Nice to see Mario out of the mole hole. He needs to get over the Ben thing though.
Shabby and Govan's conversation might as well have been subtitled with 'vote Sunshine out'. Subtle it wasn't.

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