Friday, 18 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Psst! Eviction (Like blogging a shipwreck)

The BB house looks good all lit up like that. Why do we have to have a constant recap? It's like we've got collective amnesia. I REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED ONE WEEK AGO. Thanks BB.
The most vicious animal on the planet is a shetland pony! I think I'll take my chances with that over a grizzly bear. Hermaphrodite hens! Horses watching TV! Josie is like Chris Packham with a tan. She just made me laugh three times in a row. Not bad.
25 minutes in and there's been THREE adverts. Stop telling me what's coming up and just let me watch something, FFS.
I'd like to chuck rubbish over John James. It's PATHETIC that Racheal still fancies him after the way he's behaved towards her. She must have serious daddy issues.
Ife is a thicko! I bet John James knows all about Skippy the bush kangaroo, the dag.
This is the fourth advert in 34 minutes. There's been an advert every six minutes. Glad I'm not watching live.
John always seems to pick on Fiancee when she's washing her hair or just gone to bed, so she looks a bit minky. WHY IS HE SHOUTING AT HER ALL THE TIME! God, I'd certainly like to date John James and be verbally abused by him. What a catch! I notice they only show her crying after the phonelines close.
Why won't someone stand up to him? Why won't someone say 'you're not being fair'? How can anyone's tactic be to fence-sit in there? The heroes of the house are always the ones who stand up for what's right. Have they never watched this show? Big Brother, give him some stick! He's LIVID! What is his problem? She hasn't actually done anything! Even if she was doing 'the look' 24/7 she wouldn't deserve that. BB should be telling him off a lot more, not pandering to his twaddle.
I like Corin. Her lies were all bizarre. Colonic irrigation! All her lies are just variations on a theme, but they're cute.
I'm really torn on who I want evicted. I'd like to see more of all of them, really. I guess Shabby is the ideal, as she's fairly 2 dimensional. If Rachael goes, John James will feel vindicated. But there's definitely some mileage in Sunshine yet.
Haha, how could Corin be pregnant, isn't she a lesbian! That's a great lie. Respect to her.
I like Rachael's hair frizzy, it looks nice. That was the quickest make-up hug in history. I think she's some sort of masochist.
My boyfriend is hating on BB! Boooooooooooo! He said it's like blogging a shipwreck. Sob.
Ooh they are letting them hear the baying crowd again! They aren't chanting 'get someone out' you idiots, they were chanting 'get SUNSHINE out'! Aw, poor Racheal. She didn't really deserve that, especially since she wasn't even up for nomination this week. She didn't even get booed, or was the music just covering up the boos?
Rachael looks lovely with straight hair.
That VT was harsh! They shouldn't have shown him saying he fucking hated her, it was cruel.
Ooh, it's like BB USA with the goodbye messages! The one from John James must stick in the craw.
WTF is this end bit all about?! Making them listen to messageboard comments about them! This is as bad as when they had the 'panel' discussing them! Someone rang up and moaned about Rachael's skimpy clothing upsetting her grandchildren! ALL those comments were nasty. Haters, women haters of all varieties! Divine. Scrap that section, please. I don't want to hear from the great British arseholes.
Racheal was dignified to the end. I would have stuck it to John James old skool style.
Bye Rachael. I guess it's straight down to Nuts. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Moderate your language. If your vocabulary is poor, buy a thesaurus love.

lightupvirginmary said...

Sorry I've only got the fuckasaurus, love.