Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Monkeys are hideous

Aw, Mario liked the new side to Shabby. That's the IMAGINARY side that Big Brother forced her into. I like that imaginary side of her, too.
Nice to see Keever talking to Mario when Shabby's back's turned.
What has Nathan got going for him except that monobrow?
I liked the Tree's pronunciation of Keever's name. You can't call the tree of temptation 'gross'. BEWARE THE TREE. Shabby had a severe sense of humour failure.
Mario is trying to outrun death! Good luck with that.
Shabby stop hating on the tree! I'd swap you for the tree any fucking day.
How can Ben call monkeys hideous! 'They're like ill-trained people.' Send them to finishing school. Sunshine is pro-monkey.
Keever was wearing that t-shirt yesterday. Mario is looking kinda cute today. Sunshine is really fucking irritating.
Keever's punishment wasn't that bad, and she was eating something. It's not as bad as when they made Basshunter listen to his own song seven thousand times whilst filing Lady Sovereign away in a drawer. I could listen to Ben talk all day long. Well, half a day. I don't think Keever understands the meaning of the word 'punishment'.
They've nicked this 'getting yourself off the nomination hook' thing right off of BBUSA. (Or 'the power of veto, as they call it) I kinda like it though.
Ooh Shabby pushed a table over! It's like Brian Molko at the Kerrang awards all over again. RAWKNROLL. Shouldn't she get in trouble for that? B.E. A.G.G.R.E.S.S.I.V.E.
Keever is going to come out of that task room and kill Ben with her BARE HANDS. I don't think she can take a joke.
GOVAN AND SHABBY DISCUSSING NOMINATIONS! Big Brother; do you need your ears and eyes syringing? This is bullshit.
This task is chav-friendly! Posh people don't know how to use a scooter! What hope does Ben have? Dramatic scenes!
This is a FUCKING DISASTER that Shabby won! A DISASTER. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH. I knew this already in fact I read on digital spy that Shabby OWNS A SCOOTER. This is bollocks. I don't want to put up with another week of her DRIVEL! I AM SICK OF THE SIGHT OF HER. Having said that, I was sick of the sight of her from the first second I clapped eyes on her.
BEHOLD MARIO'S RAGE! Listen to his sub irish/american accent. You won't like him when he's mildly narked. Aw, it's sad seeing him cry. My Shabby hate is unbridled.
Keever's punishment was limp. They should have booted her out on the ear.
They are discussing nominations. AGAIN.
Nathan is the Vinnie Jones of this year, I see. LOL to Ife saying she was bored of the conversations with Shabby and Keever. My respect for her just went up by at least 10%.
Ife, tell Shabby she's a spoilt little cunt. You could win the show. I don't think Ife is used to confrontation. And that's fair enough. She was brave to separate herself from that a bit.
Govan, you're your OWN traitor in the midst. You hung yourself, chicken. Being in love is EXACTLY about losing any sense of right and wrong, Govan. I hope you discover that one day, when you learn to accept yourself (for heaven's sake).
Tales from high society, by Ben. Apparently Gloria Hunniford is 'just as good' as Joan Collins. God, does Sunshine EVER shut up about Lady Gaga?
Dave is drunk on LOVE! Funny that, because everyone hates him.
VOTE GOVAN OUT. If Ben goes, Exitainment productions could go into administration.

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