Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Junior Apprentice (curated by Brian Betonde)

A day late again thanks to my freeview being spannered. What with Corrie being cancelled due to shoot-em-up horrors, and Eastenders peculiarly deciding to focus on Pat and Peggy's sex life and Liam's maths homework, TV has been a pretty barren place. 'This res-oom-ey don't add up!' They should have glossed over that one, not put it in the re-cap. WHY did Adam have to go because he was ill? I don't get it. There's more to that than meets the eye.
What was the connection between the David Beckham football academy and art? I've not a clue. I hate that guy Tim, the farmer dude with his straightened hair. I think he fancies that blonde girl, the Not-Zoe. His attitude to the artists stank. At least pretend to give a shit if you don't want to herd sheep all your life. They were both well trying to get rid of the dowdy little Kirsty.
What a surprise that Zoe's parents are both 'professional artists'! Indulged. Poor Emma (ie. Tina from Corrie before the Prozac kicked in) having to manage her.
Tim is useless! He think he's so much better than the others and he just came off like a kiss-ass.
Kirsty was at least spectacularly hopeless with the artist.
Tim is such a sexist prick! He ought to put the hair straighteners down and stick them up his arse.
Oops I stopped paying attention for the actual task because I got all aerated about finding misspelt tagged pictures of my school days on Facebook. Thank you slack Facebook privacy settings.
SACK TIM. I don't know what he's done wrong, but it must have been something. There; used 'eloquent' incorrectly in a sentence.
Not-Zoe went. Boo. I didn't pay attention but I don't think she deserved to go. I was gripped by this the first couple of weeks and now I'm indifferent. Davina; we need you.

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