Saturday, 19 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Get someone out

Ooh a little tipsy so forgive me for my bad spelling/ misguided loyalties.
Steve is a dullard! He doesn't interest me in the slightest. Shabby is such a dickwad. I hate the fact she thinks she's popular. She's as popular as herpes. She is so Milton Keynes. A boring cunt trying to be different.
Steve's computer knee is on the blink. He needs to charge it up! Try Duracell.
Josie: 'you've got a lot of respect for women'. to John James. Riiiiiight.
Nathan's one line for tonight: 'I'll sleep with anyone, me.'
VUVUZELA. If you like the world cup, I hate you.
Ben needs to watch himself, he's rubbing the laydeez up the wrong way. Sunshine is being a little rat. Po-faced. Ben's apology was completely disingenuous. But I don't blame him. I wish Sunshine OR Shabby had gone over Rachael.
Aw, poor John James, he's so pig thick he thinks Ben and Sunshine are geniuses.
Did Shabby just say you can't experience real emotions in the real world, just in the Big Brother house?
Is Ben really straightening that mop? I can't wait to see what it looks like after a few weeks, especially now they've kicked out the one hairdresser in there. (If he doesn't get the booty)
Rachael didn't get badly booed. Get someone out! Bullshit. Why would anyone chant that? Come on! Sunshine aint that dense.
Mario's shirt is cool! God, Sunshine demands SO much attention. It's desperate.
Can Corin get any brighter? She's virtually glowing.
Wow, tonight was a really boring episode. And I was drunk.

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