Sunday, 27 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Penalty crisp-off

I saw Ben talking about Coronation Street on the live feed! He said he liked Janice. LOL. Bet he likes her horse fleece.
Oh, Dave, it's not the Lord that saved Govan. It's the Ben fans. Stompy Shabby.
This crisp thing is a total farce. Ife, you volunteered to go out and ask Sunshine! Now you're moaning about it. Moron. Keever and Shabby don't want you in their gang any more so stop sucking up.
Sunshine only likes crisps and bread. Sounds like me! Remember the bag of crisps the gave to greedy Mo once? It was like a BINBAG. *drool*
We don't like external disembodied hands appearing in the diary room! NO contact from the outside world. That included those encased in rubber gloves. Stop diluting the brand!
I can't stand the way Keever and Shabby are acting but Sunshine is such a martyr. I don't like either side, so it's hard to become emotionally invested.
Typical Shabby, trying to duck out of crispgate. I'm glad Sunshine stuck up for herself. Does Nathan ever say anything comprehensible? 'Spoilt bitch!' Nice. Thick cunt.
THEY ARE CALLED CRISPS NOT CHIPS, Nathan, you're not from fucking LA, you shaved chimp.
Argh, I wish they'd shut up about this now. LOL to BB giving them crisps for lunch.
Nathan. Typical football fan wanker. Can't wait to see him cry when we lose. This is the first time I've seen him animated about anything.
That German national anthem sounds like a right old din. That was funny when they sang the national anthem and it filmed them from underneath! Chin cam. Even John James was singing along.
That penalty shoot out looks hard! It was funny, though. Who's that host in Germany? Where's our host? They might be happy now, but they won't be when they watch it.
Shabby calling Keever a viper! OMG Keever grinning about the 'sexual tension' remark! She DOES lead Shabby on.
Nice shorts, Mario. Him and Ben are meant to be, shorts-wise.
I am always amazed out how touchy feely people are in that house, but particularly Dave, Ben, Mario and John James. They are ALL OVER each other. Honestly, I'd rather stab my friends in the eye than have physical contact with them. I'm totally frigid in that direction.
There doesn't seem to be strong mum and dad figure in the house this year. Steve is not really a daddy, in that he's quite laid back and doesn't impose himself on others. I like it better when someone isn't running the joint.
What is going on with John James and Josie? Who knows. But I suspect nothing. He seems as friendly with Sunshine as he is with her.
I watched this whole Shabby/Keever heart to heart on the live feed. I was fairly unmoved by it. It was quite funny when Dave popped up and they didn't know he was in the nest.
Shabby holding out the olive branch to Dave? Well, it is nominations tomorrow. Cynical, moi?

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