Saturday, 26 June 2010

Big Brother 11: Absolute bloody bastards

Josie and Ife calling Ben sneaky right in front of Govan's face. Rude!
You don't see much of Steve but he just seems utterly normal (which makes him a bit of a boring housemate). He's very straight down the middle.
Sunshine is a bit gutsy for going round the world alone (and not just 'for a girl', as John said). I want to like Sunshine but she's just so humourless I find it difficult.
John James on politics: 'unless it's affecting me I couldn't care less'. He's the sort of person who's proud they've never read a book. It's not admirable to be ignorant (but it explains a lot). What a drongo.
Govan is not scared to face the outside world, he lies, his foot desperately tapping.
Human sponges task is not possible. It's just an excuse for Shabby and Keever to have cud. And they wonder why no one is supporting them doing the task. Because you've isolated yourself! Josie knew to do a dive bomb into the pool to get out the water but didn't bother telling them! Hehe.
Is Nathan growing a handlebar moustache? That's the most interesting thing he's done in the house.
Electrolytes angst. Don't use long words like that around John James, Sunshine. You'll short circuit his tiny mind.
I like crisps as much as the next person but Shabby, Nathan and Keever coveting them was just nasty. They (both BB and the other housemates) are victimising Sunshine over her diet.
THAT'S what I'm on about, Shabby. Bye bye Govan. Josie is acting like Govan had some sort of right to stay. The public decide, not you.
Monk weirdo! LOL. Shabby and Keever: you have fucked yourselves. Be as stupefied as you like. 'They're going to take us out one by one'- yes, exactly like you were planning to do to them, except there's safety in numbers, and you two were too stupid to work out that one plus one equals not enough.
Josie is getting on my wick, telling people what to do to 'look like a good person'. I'm on the side of the crisp sandwich eaters. Josie is being a cunt. I didn't realise what a nasty bitch you were. Ahh, it all makes sense now. It's because Sunshine was in bed with John James all afternoon. Hence the claws have come out. It's nothing to do with food. I'd shove that crisp sandwich up Keever's bum crack.
Love Ben's politician speech. He is 'humbled' by our support. Don't compare yourself to Margaret Thatcher, Ben! You aint out of the woods yet.

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