Sunday, 16 August 2009

Big Brother 10: It's offensive to clowns to call him a clown

Soz I didn't blog last night, it was a good 'un, too but I had my tonsils out yesterday so I am in the recovery position for the next two weeks. The worst part is, I can't shout at the TV! I can't even talk! Arghhhh. Bea is not aiding my recovery.
Rodrigo's rage was amazing; he made the diary room shake again! Charlie is such a nasty little bastard, I really hate his 'I'm innocent' act. Rodrigo is a volcano! His fury is a wonder to behold. Lucky he looks like a choir boy and not like Marcus or he would have been out of that house many moons ago.
The show has definitely lost something with Freddie gone and I hated seeing Bea gloating.
David was quite right to try and warn Rodrigo about his behaviour for his own good. Clowns make us laugh! LOL. Oh God, when Bea's doing the counselling, RUN!
Good to see Lisa and David are onto Bea. Bea you fucking idiot, it's obvious that some letters will have more words than others; thats why you picked at random, you dimwit. God, I'd hate to go to a pub quiz with this bitch, she's utterly ruthless.
Marcus: bollocks/ bastard/ barrionics?!
LOL to Rodrigo being just as shit at the task in Portuguese. Haha, Sophie tried to have OMG as a word beginning with O!
Charlie 'see no evil, hear no evil' thinks everyone really gets on! Yeah, and you're going to win BB!
Bedgate! Zzzz (literally). Why is Bea always moving beds? She wants whatever she can't have! She's the Princess and the Bea (that was poor, I apologise). If she's not up for eviction this week, it'd be a fucking miracle. No wonder Siavash doesn't want to sleep next to the dried up old bint. Then she's still pouring the poison in as Siavash is being kind in the diary room. God, get her out! I can't stand it. The way she talks to everyone is so passive/aggressive.
Marcus's bitching session in the diary room was lush. More Marcus!
I'm glad Charlie spat on that cunt. She was laughing at first! It's only water. She deserves spitting on. Watch her whip it up now. Guess you picked the wrong bed after all, you dick. Argh, get out of my sight.

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Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Moonbeam x