Friday, 30 August 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: We don't, Ron, Ron, Ron

I hope Ron goes tonight! He's deadwood. I'm surprised Louie is getting cheered, he's horrid. I'm glad Courtney's getting cheered. Are they chanting Charlotte? Must be fans of scat.
I hate celebrities saying they don't want to be there. Are they that hard up for celebrities in there?
Sophie is such a bossy cow. I'd tell her to stick it. Why should they tidy up? They're only in there three weeks. I think Sophie is going to stab Lauren. The way she's talking to her is like a woman on the edge.
The task generator machine is funny. Louis is not amused by Les's life story. The fish slapping was quite funny. The other housemates looked disturbed.
Lauren didn't look too impressed with Courtney's singing. Thought she was her BFF? Why did Mario choose Courtney to dance with?!
Lauren blackmailing Courtney to take her to the party was hilarious. Ha, she choose Screech! Funnies.
Look at Courtney's husband! He looks like a hobo. I can see where Lauren got her hair from. Check out her mum! LOL to her saying she's saving for an operation. Sympathy vote! Ron's grandson has got some bad highlights going on. We're waiting to see 'Ron's true side' and him get thrown out of the house. These friends and family are decrepit.
Bruce has got a fish-slap induced headache. Health and safety! Codswallop. That was actually quite funny for this TOWIE gormster.
Courtney telling Lauren she 'did her a favour' by not inviting her to the party. Hehe. It would be a drain having Lauren wrapped round you all the time, she does a wicked line in emotional blackmail. I'd be keen to have some time away from her. Courtney is so polite.
Carol and Louie are soooo bitter. Louis did some quite good one liners, though. I wish they'd say what annoyed them about each other. But that's now how they operate, is it?
Dustin's pumpkin tattoo! Agog. That was hilarious when they were dancing to Taylor Swift and Lauren walked off. Too cruel. Courtney, your nipples are hanging out.
Louis could not be more at odds with his 'persona' if he tried. What a grumpy bastard.
OMG Courtney, put your boobies away! This is like the American Geordie Shore right here. What a mess. Still, I don't resent her for it.
Lauren is doing a Misery on Courtney. My boyfriend said it's like Anthony and Craig and the wetsuit all over again. What pills is Lauren giving Courtney? WTF is a stomach tablet?
Why did Courtney act like she had taken the pills when she didn't? This is weird and creepy. What could these tablets be? Charlotte is actually being quite caring tonight. She's quite patient with Lauren, really.
What is Sophie going on about 'it's illegal'? She should know about illegal drugs! Look at Carol winding the situation up. How is it illegal!?
Sophie DOES think she knows everything. Ha, 'Carol thinks you do.' Carol is lying and shit stirring! What a bitch. Carol did say it! Haha, 'I wasn't winding her up.' That's the biggest joke I've heard.
Lauren is being quite funny in her own nutty way. I like seeing her get mad.
The two safe are Charlotte and Lauren! I want it to be Courtney safe. Haha, Lauren is popular. Love it.
Why is Les shouting at Lauren?! Cos she's hiding in the toilet? I don't blame her. The fish thing wasn't a big deal but I didn't like him shouting like that.
Oh, STFU, Sophie. Just stop talking. Imagine what she was like on the charlie!
Why is Lauren shaky? I think Lauren is always shaky. She's not all there. Bruce shouldn't shout at her like that. Aw, she doesn't see the outside world. Lucky her.
Louie in comforting mode isn't exactly reassuring! Lauren isn't 'used to people'. Lucky her!
Wouldn't it be funny if Louie went? LOL, they're chanting get Sophie out and she's not even up! She's going to be pissed off.
Fuck you, Ron, being happy to go. Don't bother going in there if you hate it so much! Ha, him falling up the stairs was the best thing he did in the house. Ha, then he tried to go out via the Diary Room! What a doddery old sod. I knew all those doors were confusing. At least we've lost two of the most boring housemates first. Good old vote to save. Note to producers: please ask celebrities if they want to be there before they go in, otherwise what's the point spending the money on them? Like, how much did they pay this old sod? I'm glad that Courtney didn't go over this git.
The only thing funny in Ron's interview was calling Carol a 'loose cannon'.
Emma has not got a very good grasp on this interview. Ron has not got a good grasp on the words 'quick fire'. This is painful. As my boyfriend just said, 'he don't want to be there, we don't want him there.'
Ron, you're less popular than Lauren. Deal with it.

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