Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: Joe Swash is really nice, though

I hear there's a twist tonight. What awful thing will it be, I wonder? Someone(s) I don't like walking off with half the cash? I suppose it's not much different from someone I don't like walking off with ALL of it.
Superhero task! Callum would have liked this.
How do people sleep in those onesies? I can't even sleep in pyjamas. It's like going in a sleeping bag - too restrictive.
Is Rescue Squad the best name they could think of for this task? How long did they take to think about it? Not long enough.
There seems to be a real problem with insects in that garden. 'Help me!' They're meant to be the Rescue Squad. Not the Baby Bunch.
I guessed Gina would say she looked best in the superhero outfit.
OMG is that Dexter's willy? He's putting David Bowie's package in Labyrinth to shame. My boyfriend thinks it's padding. Twins in those outfits is not a pretty sight, either. I think one of them's got food down his cossie.
My boyfriend just said, 'I wish Gina would drop dead.' She hadn't even done anything particularly odious at that time.
That laser beam is powerful, innit? CGI, etc. I think they're just advertising food here, to be honest.
Who has taped Sam and Gina together?! This is BS. I wonder how many takes they did of this shit. They couldn't have lost that task because the laser doesn't really work. That was like a proper scripted bit of TV.
I often find I'm wanting to vote one twin out over the other. Not really. I want them both out. But I want Charlie out more. She's duller than them, and that's saying something.
When did Sam start being funny? Was he just saving it until the last week and a half?
That phone looks cheap as fuck. They've literally spent 10p on this task. It's like a BBUS task during the recession.
'If she was a cloth they'd have to wring her out first' doesn't mean someone's dirty, it means they're wet, Dexter, you dope.
'Who's Terry Christian?' Heathens! Do they not watch this show? How can you go on Big Brother and have not watched every episode of every series ever?
Sam does not look impressed that Joe Swash said he was unpopular. Ha.
These tweets are not very nice! Ha. They're quite funny. though. Damning with faint praise.
Who said these tweets?! Where's the names? My boyfriend says the tweets are too long. Someone count the characters! They should read them MY tweets.
Sam - winky expand gate!
Charlie's got done over AGAIN! I liked seeing Gina annoyed. Twin: 'clearly a fan of Hazel.' Haha.
Dexter: 'I like Sam cos he makes my winky expand' says Jeff, 85.' That was a proper laugh out loud moment.
Sam shaking his head at Dexter saying 'there's a difference between being eccentric and being a weirdo' was funny, too.
Gina always needs a new person to slag off! Sophie sits there stirring, but she'd be next on the list if Charlie was gone. My boyfriend just said he's awarding Sophie his 'Jo O Meara' award this year. Gina takes criticism WELL, doesn't she?
Dexter and Charlie on that task: water in the face and all they win is a packet of Maryland cookies. That's your 'I've scraped together 79p' option in the newsagents.
My boyfriend just said 'If I could shoot Charlie between the eyes I think she'd thank me for it.'
Here's a tip, Charlie, if Gina said 'don't say one more offensive thing to me', try NOT SAYING ONE MORE OFFENSIVE THING TO HER. It's your mouth and your brain. Engage them. Don't put that on Gina, that's your problem.
Charlie, here's a good way to start a sentence: 'No, I'm not going to say that...' I cannot STAND the way she operates. She starts shit and then plays the victim. She's even better at emotional blackmail than my mum.
Where the fuck is this twist?!

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