Monday, 12 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted

I'm sure I don't look as rough first thing in the morning as this lot do. Dexter, Charlie, soaps. This has all been filler so far. This task with Sophie is like Brian Belo's 'womb people' but about a thousand times less good. My boyfriend has got his eyes closed at this point. I don't think that's a good sign. I don't think that polo shirt is really working out for Sophie.
Sam is always on about his career! BB isn't the job centre. He's pushing the deaf thing hard in the past week.
I already know who gets the free pass: nobody. That rather removes the tension.
How predictable that Sophie didn't understand what 'unanimous' meant. Aren't we tired of the ignorant act now? I'm so tired of thick people being proud of being thick, it's so depressing.
Oh God, not 'save me' speeches from everyone. Even Sam is wheeling out 'journey'. Luckily, they're all too selfish to do a unanimous vote. Thank God they didn't give it to Charlie.
LOL Dexter's crocodile tears to try and get the pass to the final. Love him. At least he said they should do a unanimous vote. Sophie selfishly just wanted to vote for who she voted for, despite the fact doing that meant nothing.
My boyfriend is fast asleep.
Hold on, did Dexter choose Sophie?! If so, why? Oh, I get it, he's trying to be a hero. Ha, Charlie's got the hump about it. Good. See this emotional blackmail stuff she's pulling now. What a cow. She's one spoilt daughter of a bitch.
Charlie: 'I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted.' Piss off, then.
Gina and Dexter doing a massive PR campaign here. Yeah, Gina, you've changed public perception once, and right back again. Yeah, thanks for the motivational speech, Dexter, you're Gina's third best friend in the house.
I couldn't be less interested in Dexter and Charlie. I really couldn't. I really hope she goes on Friday. I even feel like the twins deserve it more than her now.
Live face to face nominations... again. I should imagine it will be quite evenly spread. That's the first time they've mentioned the £100K, I swear.
It doesn't feel tense at all because the nominations seem quite predictable.
Charlie is completely holding up the nominations. Brilliant. We won't get to see the end at this rate. Nominate her just for being a flaky bitch. Why is Charlie wearing a teacher fleece?
She nommed the twins. Ooh, Gina told Charlie to nominate her! Brilliant. I hope Gina ends up on the block as a result. The way she just nominated is the reason she should go, she's worthless. She really has no character whatsoever.
Dexter nommed twins and Sam.
Gina nommed Charlie and Jack and Joe. She said the twins don't seem to care about Hazel being nasty to her. I wonder why they don't care!!! Fucking hypocrite. Charlie looked like she was going to cry when Gina nominated her.
Ooh, twins didn't do Gina. That's a shame. They did Charlie and Dexter. Why did they say 'well done Hazel on getting 100K'?
Sam did Dexter and Sophie, Dexter for 'playing a game'. Well, dur.
Sophie did Sam and Dexter. Does this mean they're all up, or they're all up except Sophie and Gina?
Does Sophie REALLY feel bad nominating Dexter? I'm not so sure. She wanted him out since day one.
So up is Dexter, Sophie, Jack and Joe and Charlie. Can we finally evict the twins? Or Charlie? I'm good either way. I hope Dexter isn't vulnerable this week. Hmm, interesting, they've not put up the voting numbers yet... could it be a vote to save? Here's hoping!

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