Saturday, 10 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: I've broken the back of it

Hairdryer wars! Good morning. I think I can safely say now that Gina is a total prick. I would have punched her in the face by now had I been Hazel. And if I was one of the others I'd definitely tell them both to shut the fuck up.
Charlie seems to think it's funny. I personally think it's disgusting. Hazel: 'If it my time to go...' She's probably dying to get out of there away from that witch and those sheep.
WAS Hazel blowing the hairdryer in Gina's face? Was she really? I hate Gina now, and it's such a shame as she's been brilliant up until last week. Now I see the person she was on the first night is the person she really is.
Gina: 'it's hard living with someone so ghetto.' Lucky Hazel didn't say this about Gina, hey?
Dexter to Charlie on her possible eviction interview: 'Don't give them anything for free.' LOL. He's money mad.
Charlie to Hazel: 'You and your ruthlessness.' Bet she wouldn't dare say that to Queen Gina! What a wimp.
I will say something for the idiot twins, at least they stayed loyal to Hazel, even if they didn't exactly stick up for her.
Fuck you Dexter, for cynically saying you're team Gina because you know Gina is more popular. So transparent. Don't want to get involved? That's the attitude! You could be the new H from Steps if you're really lucky. I'd say Sophie can be the new Cleo Rocos but at Cleo Rocos didn't go up to Jade and go, 'Shilpa's been saying you're ugly.'
As fucked as Charlie's personality is, I wouldn't take any advice from either Dexter OR Hazel if I was her.
Sophie is SUCH a shit stirrer! 'She was calling you an ugly bitch.' Rub it in, why don't you?
UGH Gina calling Hazel a slag. She is OBSESSED with saying Hazel thinks she's something special. I think it's GINA thinks Hazel is something special. So she can't call you ugly but you can call her a slag? I despair for humanity.
I think part of the reason Gina was such a odious cow this week was that she wasn't up for eviction so she just went postal. I really hope someone's got the balls to put her up on Monday. I think she could go on the vote to evict because of how she's been.
Dexter laughing at Gina being rotten makes me sad.
Anyone who says 'hashtag' followed by anything needs putting down. The twins were driving me NUTS on the live feed last night going 'haven't we done well to make it to week x?' Just shut up!
Eviction time. Either Dexter's crying, or he's got a piece of strategy onion in his pocket.
Dexter has NOT been up every single week from the start.
UGH so gross that Gina went 'yes! Thank you public, finally.' She's all class, that girl. Never mind that the twins are sad. Never mind about anything except what Queen Gina wants.
Gina has got a black heart, seriously. I don't remember feeling this much rage towards a housemate in a long while.
Dexter to Charlie: 'Your eyes look so beautiful' and commenting on her dated Sharon-from-Eastenders style make up.
I'm glad the twins noticed Gina didn't say goodbye to Hazel and are actually saying it, albeit in the Diary Room. I haven't liked them since day 1 but it's to their credit they didn't drop Hazel when they realised she was about as popular as UKIP.
Funny how everyone's got something to say about Hazel now she's gone. Aren't Dexter and Sophie astute enough to see that Gina is digging her own grave? Seems like they both want to jump in it with her.
Gina talking about Hazel's career is a bit rich, Gina hasn't even got a job. She's a lazy parasite. Hazel has worked to get where she is.
'No guy will want to marry her, maybe some dickhead who's really desperate.' I saw this on the LF and it made me sick. Very glad they're showing it, as this bitching session went on for some time but that was the line that really stood out. She has NO self-awareness WHATSOEVER. Your future husband was on BOTS singing a song about how you love to 'ride it' Gina, so it's swings and roundabouts.
Twins, be careful what you say about Gina to Sam cos he's in her back pocket.
This self-congratulatory bit was on the live feed and got on my nerves then. 'Haven't we done well?' Dexter: 'I've broken the back of it.' That is so an expression my boyfriend would say.
I feel nauseous seeing Gina lording it in the DR now. Gina: 'I'm not stuck up.' No, you're just a nasty, bitter, jealous bully. I really hope she gets the shock of her life this week.

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