Sunday, 4 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: A mysterious transition

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, I was in a field in Brighton surrounded by lesbians! And a good time it was too. Back in BB, I was pleased to see Gina eating a slice of humble pie, as I don't think she can win it if she thinks she's still top of the tree, and I do want her to win it. Her or Dexter, who also had a good show yesterday.
I wish these twins were gone; them and Charlie are like bringing the show down badly with their chronic dullness. Stop shit-stirring about Hazel, Charlie, pack up your eyebags and leave. I also can't stand Sophie and her dressing gown of doom.
Oh, Charlie's the new target now Callum's gone. Good. Sophie is right though, Charlie doesn't say what she thinks. Anything but, in fact. Good, I'm glad her gameplan is starting to crack. I just hope the families do what's right.
What the fuck is Charlie wearing today? She looks like a manic depressive Hula girl. She's going to 'move in together and go on holiday with Hazel'? If you say so, Droopy. Also, the way she said she wasn't going to miss Callum last night was just cruel after she'd sucked every inch of life out of him. She's an emotional vampire.
What the fuck is Charlie's problem anyway? What is it to her even IF Hazel is 'faking' being emotional? Worried someone's moving ahead of you in the race? Their 'friendship' is the biggest joke on the planet. They can't fucking stand each other.
I love the fact Dexter called himself a professional magician when actually he just worked as the demonstrator in the toy shop. I like to think of all Dexter's 'careers' in these terms. So his work in the strip club was probably just that he was a flasher. I'm glad they're giving Dexter a good task though, and we don't have to put up with Callum frowning and gurning throughout. I love it when Dexter is lording it over the others!
Does ANYONE believe Sam is sweet anymore? Dexter just said Sam's catchphrase is 'any hole's a goal.' Why haven't we seen him say that? Oh, doesn't fit with this bullshit sweet storyline. The fact is, neither Sophie NOR Sam are sweet little innocent babies.
Hazel being stitched up AGAIN, I see.
I wish Dexter could make half of the housemates disappear permanently. Dear Lord, do they really think Sam has been evicted on Dexter's whim? They ARE paranoid!
Why is Sam getting to see what the others are saying? This is such engineered storylining from BB. Is that twin allowed to tell them that Dexter plans to nominate Sam? Sam looks like he's crying! No Callum in there with some comforting words, either.
I'm glad Sam saw Gina sticking up for Sam. Dexter: 'He's got no mates anymore' lol.
This is a bit of a stitch up for Dexter, although I guess he should know better than to start mouthing off in that situation. I don't like the way Sam is coming out and digging everyone out. He's an idiot. They basically had to poke him with a stick to even get him to react. Still 'coming out of your shell' after two months? Get to fuck.
Dexter took time out of his busy schedule to come talk to you, Sam! Where's the appreciation? Dexter is overplaying his hand here. I don't even consider that part of the show, it was just such blatant storylining, trying to get something to happen.
Friends and family nominate tomorrow, I assume? God help us. I have a feeling it's going to be the week we lose Dexter.

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