Saturday, 24 August 2013

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: How long have you had your vagina?

I am absolutely hating this CBB so far. I really can't stand this Charlotte girl, like so much I could almost stop watching. Her and Louie both make my skin crawl, but at least he makes me laugh from time to time, she just makes me ashamed to be human. I don't watch TOWIE and Geordie Shore for a reason. I hate 'constructed' reality shows. I watch reality shows to see reality.
Fucking hell, man, have Sophie and Lauren just woken up? They look like hell. So far this show is young people being annoying and old people being sanctimonious. What a winning formula.
It's not interesting that Danielle is slagging off the people from her TV show, as no one in this country has seen it. She is a complete fail as a housemate.
OMG Louie is so rude! 'How long have you had your vagina? Well, it has been used, then' to Lauren. He's too blunt. No straight person would get away with talking to her like that so I don't see why he should.
My boyfriend actually laughed when that idiot woman farted. I'm disappointed in him. I cannot stand toilet humour or people who go on about shit and piss. I don't even like talking about sex. We are British; let's retain our manners! I'm serious.
I can't believe all these questions they're asking Lauren about her sex change. God, it's such a personal thing! I really find it so impertinent. I think she's putting up with it well.
Are the cult members really going to nominate people on the basis of who's washing up cups? Louis is either on or zoned out. There's no in between, which is hardly surprising. No one can be like that all the time.
Is Abz really boo-wooing about having to sing the same songs 'over and over'? My heart bleeds! He's even dismissing his fans as 'mums'. What a dick. No wonder Norman Five walked.
Describing your breast implants as 'like changing the wheels on a car' is quite dehumanising, isn't it? But that's the whole point, I suppose, to make women into dolls.
When did Lauren have a Rolls Royce? I like the way Sophie is being with Lauren, she's being quite kind to her. I don't mind Sophie, actually.
Mario has a thing about Carol, doesn't he? Watching him and Charlotte talking is clinically proven to deplete your braincells by osmosis.
I hate the way Charlotte just says things to shock like about 'sucking her boyfriend's willy.' WOW, you give BLOWJOBS? What a modern woman!
I like Screech the most so far, and I don't even like him much, but at least he seems more intelligent that the others, and he has more interesting stories.
Ron doesn't want to be there and is just killing time for the money. I can't stand housemates like that, it's such a waste. You never get anything out of them. I'm glad they put him up. He's the ultimate floater.
Why is Abz just sitting in the corner not saying hello to everyone when the cult members came in? Mario is onto them immediately. He's the new Dan.
The best part about that idiot punching the cake was no one noticed and she had to announce the fact she'd done it. I'd be pissed off if she'd done that and I was in there. has Charlotte mentioned that she pisses and shits? SO DO ALL HUMANS. SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Ron is so fake. It's obvious he can't stand Louie or Charlotte but he's pretending he likes everyone. It's totally transparent.
Has Sophie mentioned she's in recovery? First the lying, next step, shovelling coke up her nose. It's a slippery slope and Big Brother could be to blame.
Carol is LOVING giving Louie the skinny on Ron! Did she just say the N word?! Fucking hell! Emily got kicked out for that. Oh, they are pulling her up on it. I know she was quoting him but saying that word on TV (or at all) is wrong. But the weird part is, they bleeped it out when Carol said it, but not when Big Brother said it. I'd rather not hear that word at all, to be honest. Very unpleasant.
Ron saying 'I'm having to keep a lid on a lot of things' says it all. 'Grin and bank it' sums him up. All he wants is the money. Useless housemate, and potentially a horrible man. It's a matter of time before he says something offensive. Give him the red card.

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