Friday, 9 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: Speaking on behalf of the public

Just voted to evict Charlie three times. It's worth a quid to try and wipe the smile off Gina's face. This bee task is pissing me off. Hazel to Gina: 'you put the b in bitch.' Ha.
Gina's never seen anyone stick her fingers up at her? Get used to it. Gina's even slagging off her minion Charlie. No one is safe!
Gina is being SO nasty to Hazel. I really don't like it. 'Peasants can't sit with me'? Really?
Did Emma just say Dexter's GIRLFRIEND is there!? She must be desperate, or in on the gameplan.
I can't even be bothered to comment on this boring task, they've even managed to make shitstirring boring.
I wish everyone would get off Hazel's back. It's making me feel sad inside.
This argument between Gina and Hazel was disgraceful. Gina was absolutely vicious. Calling another woman a dirty whore is vile and everyone all giggling about it is not much better. Something else that was horrible was Gina bringing the twins into it; they're Hazel's only friends in the house, plus it was hurtful to them, too.
I'm going to be really upset when Hazel goes tonight off the back off this bullshit. Gina was no better than a playground bully there. I don't get why she's still getting so much support on Twitter. What does she have to do for people to say 'enough'? I loved her, and I can't stand her now. Don't get me wrong, she's been great entertainment, but vote for her to win? I'd rather vote for the twins at this point (It actually hurt to write that).
UGH, Charlie's friend Sophie is there. 'Speaking on behalf of the public.' NO. At least some people were chanting at her. Hazel's friend should punch her. The crowd are a bunch of dickheads, and that's being polite.
Emma to Dexter's mum: 'Dexter's mum nominated the twins.' Dur. Sophie's boyfriend his kind of cute but seems thick as pigshit.
I do laugh when Gina calls Hazel 'the hobbit', though. Gina's never been called 'ugly' before. Try not calling people a 'dirty whore' then, it's quite ugly language and shows on your face.
Dexter: 'I'm receding so badly I need a hair transplant.' Ha.
Oh god, they're going to save three housemates. Please save Dexter first, not the idiot twins.
I love the fact Dexter has a pen in his hand. He's clicking it too.
UGH they saved Jack and Joe first! WHYYYYYYYY! WHY??? I swear it's Emma Willis doing it.
Yay, Dexter is safe again! Love Dexter's save face. What will his win face be like? I want Dexter to win again now, I really do. I hope he doesn't really fuck his game again this week. If Charlie goes, it will help his game.
Hazel patching things up with Charlie... hope it's not too late. I'm glad they showed that flashback of what Gina said. Hard evidence of Gina mixing! Gina's 'not bothered'. Not much. Why is she listening at the door then?! Gina is SPOILING for a fight! Who died and made her queen of the house (oh, Big Brother did).
Just felt my heart sink when Hazel got evicted. At least she gets her BOTS time and all that shit, Charlie will be out fifth and get fuck all.
Love Hazel still working it and posing despite the boos. You go girl! Professional! That smile she painted on was brilliant. Unflappable. She's hard as nails.
Oh God, now for the interview. Bet we don't get to hear a word. Please shut the eye, FFS. Oh, they did. Thank God. I'm so happy they did that, she doesn't deserve the lynching. They sound loud enough anyway.
I don't remember Daley being shown a clips package of him and Hazel? She lost the guy she liked and couldn't even talk about him for weeks afterwards, Have a heart, FFS.
Bet Emma tells her she's gone back to his GF. Notice they didn't show the ATTACK in that clips package. What a fucking joke.
Oh, how ironic that Hazel said 'it takes two to tango.' Hazel just said she thought he didn't have a girlfriend! I'm glad Hazel said Daley was the one with the girlfriend! God, where does Emma get off with the girlfriend thing?! Daley's girlfriend is Daley's responsibility! I'm glad Hazel said 'I got the blame cos I'm the girl.'
Hazel is coming across so articulate and ten times smarter than Emma. You can tell she's been waiting to get this off her chest. She even said she held her hands up! Is Emma going to mention the horrible thing Daley did?!
I can't believe they are showing the attack in the screen now! Gosh. Hazel looks beautiful tonight. Her eyes are SO blue.
Thought that was one of the best interviews ever, except the Daley subject went on too long, and (surprise) Gina's bullying of Hazel was not even mentioned. Emma threw her two or three crumbs, but the rest was just an onslaught. Sickening to see Gina lording it up now.
There's only one thing for it. Dexter FTW. Don't let me down.

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