Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: Peace and tranquility

Who keeps ticking my 'blah' box? *shakes fist* Luckily I'm not Charlie and won't have an existential crisis over it.
Charlie is going to play the victim HARD. My boyfriend think she's going to go. He's nuts. Hazel will go. Hazel will be strung up.
Charlie: 'I never want to speak to Hazel again.' I wish she'd ended that sentence after the first five words. 'Hazel doesn't care about me.' I don't blame her!
Why is Dexter slagging Hazel for being tough? Being tough is a good thing.
Sophie (reluctantly): 'Are you alright, Charlie?' Sounds like she REALLY cares.
Twidiot thinks three million people are watching. Who's gonna tell him?
'Charlie is deep in conversation with Sam.' That's a deposition, not a conversation. I think Sam actually hates her for what she did to Callum. Sam is BIG TIME on his end game strategy here. Doesn't speak for two months, has a go at Dexter and then comforts Charlie? He's smarter than he looks.
Is it a Charlie special today? I'm sick of looking at her miserable face. She could wilt flowers!
Please stop showing the twins in the pool! How come women have to cover up their boobies and they're allowed to show theirs?
Hazel is scoffing at the mere idea of a best friend.
Sam is strategising hard! I swear he doesn't like Charlie. He's just woken up the the fact it doesn't look good that three others have ganged up on her. He's brave standing up to Gina on this. He might not know his alphabet but he knows his own mind. Gina looks like she's actually listening to him. I think she's twigging her game could be in jeopardy.
No one is talking to Hazel! Ooh twins realised Charlie is playing the victim. But will the public?
Are Charlie and Hazel still sleeping in the same bed together?
I thought the twins were one housemate! Why do they get split up for this task?
Commentary task! I love Dexter pointing at the picture of Hazel and vomming! It's hard to fake a conversation and listen at the same time! I think it's beyond some of these housemates. Plus, wouldn't they think the commentators could hear them? It's too confusing!
Hazel to Dexter: 'you look orange and evil.'
I hate Dexter and Charlie teaming up against Hazel. Why is Gina saying sorry to Charlie? What about your boyfriend and what the mums said? I don't get why Gina has turned against Hazel again. I know it's good for for Hazel's game, though.
This dancing is TOO MUCH. These twins are also making me feel sick in the pool.
I see they're all ganging up on Hazel tonight instead of Charlie; difference is they're doing it behind her back because they're all shit scared of her.
The twins: 'our mums only see an hour.' Hold up, I thought mums don't lie! Backtrack.
Why is Charlie being so forgiving of Gina and Sophie, who lets not forget, sold her down the river? How come all the hate is on Hazel? Hazel is a hate-sponge.
Kind of a boring episode tonight. Going to be even worse if Charlie doesn't get evicted.
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