Friday, 2 August 2013

Big Brother 2013: Don't need no Superman

Saw Gina acting the goat on the live feed tonight, which was disappointing, being nasty to Hazel. Talking of being nasty, I see the Hazel hate mob are out in force. Did they ship in extra chavs especially? Usually I don't use the word 'chav' but I'll make an exception for these lowlifes. They should drop the bomb, although Jeremy Kyle would struggle for guests for a few weeks as a result.
They're giving Hazel a bullshit edit, I see, showing her saying she doesn't care (which they've driven her to).
Callum's giving the twins his seal of approval. 'Dexter is using his villain status to gain popularity in the outside world.' No, people LIKE Dexter, Callum.
Woah, Gina's swimsuit! Dexter and Gina both look like they should be on a yacht tonight. I'm liking their sunglasses.
Gina needs to calm down on her vendetta against Hazel. It's hurting her game, in my opinion.
Shut up, Callum! You're not honest. What about your VT (your kryptonite)?
This bitch in the crowd hates Dexter and loves Callum. She must be the only person in the country who feels this way.
Election task. I already saw Dexter's anti Callum poster and it was AMAZING. The twins don't want to learn about themselves. I'm not surprised. Are the twins doubting Dexter's journey? Heathens, lol.
I want Hazel to stay just to piss Gina off, and Gina's my favourite.
Callum is 'genuine'. That's why he's doing the American accent again. This is AWFUL. Callum has lovely writing. Shame about everything else.
Dexter's poster was SPOT ON. 'Thinks the public are idiots' about Callum. I just voted for Callum to go again when he started on Dexter. Everyone's faces when they were having that argument! Oh, God. Callum is mental.
Oh God, friends and family. Everyone loves Callum - children, old people. Hazel's friend is blaming the edit. Why aren't the twins getting panned tonight? It's getting on my nerves. The crowd is chanting 'get Dexter out'! Imbeciles.
Charlie just said the words 'I'm going to soar' to Callum. AMAZING.
Now they're showing Gina saying she doesn't want Dexter to go. Yay.
Ah, cool, they're going to save someone! It HAS TO BE DEXTER.
WHAT THE FUCK Jack and Joe got the fewest votes?! You've got to be shitting me! Oh no, they're now going to think they're more popular than Dexter and gloat over him. I'm not at all hopeful for Hazel now if the public are this stupid. And they are.
This sucks! Also, Callum will be pleased Dexter got one in the eye. URGH! I hate vote to evict! Bring back vote to SAVE.
Ha, 'a bully in a china shop.' This is the bit I saw on live feed, where Gina was being a bitch to Hazel. Just voted Callum again. Gina is being stupid here. It was a task; Hazel didn't do anything wrong and Gina was trying to make her look bad. I'd almost go as far as to say Gina was manipulating the public here.
Why does Charlie keep having these conversations with Callum? They're not getting anywhere! She just wants the constant attention. She's a million times worse than anything Hazel has done for psychological abuse. No wonder he's tied in knots. It doesn't excuse his psychotic behaviour, but talk about a toxic combination.
Gina is getting what she wants, Hazel slagging her off in the Diary Room, so more people vote to evict Hazel. I'm sure Gina timed that conversation because she knew it would be on tonight's show. Don't get me wrong, I respect the strategy, but it's a bit unfair.
Ok, here goes. OMG it was Callum! Thank God. This makes up for the twins being safest a bit. Hazel's face was a PICTURE. Who went 'what the hell'? Did Dexter hug him? I feel sorry for Sam a bit, I suppose.
My friend is laughing at Callum's clothes on Facebook but this is his best look! Haha. He seems a bit more relaxed in his interview in a way, less cliched. but very bitter.
Callum's mum: 'We're proud of ya Callum!' Yep, everyone at the council estate is backing you, they just couldn't afford the phonecalls to evict Dexter. Soz.
The eye can be open for this interview as Callum is not a woman. Dexter's a ssssssnake, zzz. Callum going on about 'airtime' - shut up. Callum is using his whole interview to slate Dexter. Sad. he's such an angry man. He'll look back and realise he wasted his time in there, on Charlie AND Callum.
Callum is crying! Oh dear, what a twonk. Not this 'average lad' schtick again. Leave it aht!
Stop crying, Callum. Can someone get him a cringe rag?
Bye, Callum, and take your passive aggressive schtick with you.
Oh no, I HATE it when the friends and family nominate. They always go for the wrong person. They're not going to nom Sophie, Sam, Charlie or Jack and Joe. They're going to nom Gina, Dexter and Hazel. Why do they do this, it's such a load of balls! Fail.
Do you know something that would be funny? If Hazel... won? Just a thought! Night night.

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